The most delicious food in Puebla

The most delicious food in Guanajuato

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Gastronomy and typical cuisine in Querétaro

The most delicious food in Puebla

Gastronomía de Yucatán

Northern Mexico

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A young goat

It is a young goat of a range of less than six months and that has only been fed with mother's milk. It is prepared by threading a metal rod and slowly cooked over coals in special grills. It is an iconic dish of Nuevo León and other states in the north of the country.


A flower bud

It is a flower bud that fails to become a fruit that grows on a cactus. It is approximately three centimeters long. They bloom between March and May. It is eaten in salads, in jam or pickled.


Sweet made with goat's milk

Sweet made with goat's milk, sugar and cinnamon. There are several flavors such as quemada (translates to burnt and it is the darkest, vanilla (the lightest in color) and envinada (with wine). Many products and candies have been created from the cajeta, such as wafers with caramel, popsicles, taffy and ice cream, among many others.


Typical sweets mainly from the state of Puebla

They are typical sweets mainly from the state of Puebla that are made from a tuber known by the same name, sweet potato, to which sugar is added and worked until it becomes a dough to form small bars that are wrapped in waxed paper.


A bread pudding

A bread pudding that is usually eaten during the Lenten period, since they relate the bread to the body of Christ. However, you can find it throughout the year and there are several versions. Its core ingredients are layers of bread, sweetened syrup, and salty cheese. From there, a variety of crystallized fruits, nuts, and even sprinkles are used.


A strip of roasted beef fillet

It is a strip of roasted beef fillet and is accompanied with charro beans, poblano pepper slices, enchiladas, grilled panela cheese and sometimes a tamale is included. It is also served with a sauce.


Small chunks or strips of meat

It is a dish made from small chunks or strips of meat and especially pork cooked with garlic and onion and fried or roasted until crisp. The whole animal is eaten, so you can order different parts such as nana, buche, vísceras, rib, etc. It is characterized by the softness of the meat.


A carbonated drink

It is a carbonated drink that is made with pineapple vinegar, tamarind and hibiscus. Let it rest in an oak barrel and serve with a teaspoon of calcium carbonate for each glass. This drink that is served in Guanajuato is very refreshing and helps with digestion.


A type of dried meat

It is a type of dried meat that is reminiscent of ham but is made from beef. It is made from the loin or legs of the beef that is cut into long strips. Then salt is added and left to dry. It is usually eaten roasted or fried.


Golden and crunchy bread filled with different ingredients

It is a golden and crunchy bread with a salty touch reminiscent of the rustic bakery of Europe. Its name is derived from the unleavened bread of Jewish origin and as it is currently known, it comes from the 19th century. These breads are filled with potatoes, beans, nopal, beef, chicken or pork, although various cured meat products are also added. It is one of the typical dishes of Puebla.


Fresh raw fish

A seafood dish made from fresh raw fish cured in fresh citrus juices, most commonly lime or lemon. Very often the chopped cilantro, onion, tomato and avocado are added.


Mexican snack

It is a typical Mexican snack that is served in the states of Puebla, Hidalgo and Guerrero. There are several types of chalupas, but basically it is a small tortilla fried in lard to which shredded beef or chicken, onion and sauce are added. Potato, cheese, lettuce, onion and radishes can also be used.


Drink made with a smooth mixture of corn flour

A festive drink is made by dissolving Mexican chocolate, sugar cane and cinnamon in a thick and smooth mixture of corn flour, milk and water. It is usually served with tamales.


Rust-colored grasshoppers

It is a rust-colored grasshoppers, usually served fried and seasoned with chile, lime, garlic, onion, and/or salt, eaten mainly in Oaxaca as a snack and it is a custom that comes from pre-Hispanic times. There are small, medium and large.


Figurines made of caramel

They are figurines made of caramel that originally had the shape of a churro, but have been modified. As they originate from Guanajuato, they have been shaped like mummies or Quixotes, which is why they are authentic candy statues. They are also found in Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí and Zacatecas.


Drink prepared with sugar cane

It is a drink that is prepared with sugar cane brandy and is very traditional in Michoacán, especially in Uruapan.


Alcoholic drink made with pulque

It is an alcoholic drink made with pulque and piloncillo dissolved in water. In some parts, peanut paste, cinnamon, anise or sarsaparilla root are added. It is a typical drink from the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro.


Pork skin fried

It is pork skin fried in its own fat until crisp. It can be eaten as a snack or as part of another dish in a sauce.


Vegetable from the pumpkin family

It is a vegetable from the pumpkin family and in addition to its great flavor. It contains a good amount of D-chiro-inositol, a component of an insulin mediator known to have Antihyperglycemic effect. It is used for broths and to accompany stews. Its seeds are used to make pipian.


Fried corn tortillas in chile

It is prepared with pieces of fried and cooked corn tortillas in chile sauce and broth. They can be red or green and are served with chicken, onion, cream and sprinkled cheese.


Thick soup made of corn masa

It is a type of thick soup made of corn masa or corn kermels, which is cooked with corn chunks, epazote, salt, and a sauce made of chili peppers and pumpkin leaves. It is very typical in Tlaxcala, Veracruz and Puebla. It is served with corn and fresh cheese.


A poblano chile filled with a sweet mix

It is a poblano chile filled with a sweet mix of fruits, seeds and minced pork topped with a walnut-based cream sauce called nogada, pomegranate seeds and parsley. It is a typical dish from Puebla.


Made with shredded pork

It is a dish mainly made with shredded pork seasoned with a mixture of chiles, spices, celery, garlic, and salt. It is cooked with pork lard. It is originally from Sinaloa and sometimes the pork meat is substituted for beef or turkey.


Stew of fish or some shellfish

It is a stew that comes from the Sotavento region in Veracruz. It consists of fish or some shellfish such as blue crab or crab, with tomato, onion and a dried chili. Vegetables are added to the broth and thickened with dough.


Perennial legume

It is a is a perennial legume that is native to southern Mexico (Chiapas, Oaxaca and Tabasco) with which some dishes such as shrimp broth, tamales and even cheese are seasoned. It is an excellent source of calcium, iron, and vitamin A and have medicinal properties. It is used to improve rheumatism and insomnia.

Richly flavored stew

Caldo de lomo de res

This is a richly flavored stew that gets a lot of its character from charring vegetables. This is a traditional dish from Yucatan. Beef loin cooked together with oregano, onion, garlic, tomato, pepper, cilantro, cumin, mint, and sour orange juice.


Sponge-like texture packed with flavor

It features a unique sponge-like texture packed with flavor. This is a rich curdled milk dessert that was created, like many other dishes, in convents during colonial times. It is combination of whole milk, sugar, cinnamon, piloncillo, and lime juice. The chongos are of smooth consistency and are from Michoacán.


Spicy stew

It is a spicy stew prepared with chunks of beef, red chiles, xoconostle, and various vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and chickpeas. It is a dish from Michoacán.


Drink made from tomato juice

It is a drink made from tomato juice with sugar, spices, monosodium glutamate and the special ingredient, dry clam broth.


Sweet made up of grated coconut

It is a sweet that is made up of grated coconut, egg and sugar. It has a round and flattened shape and is very crunchy.


Stew made up of pork

It is a very common stew in the Yucatan peninsula that is made up of pork marinated with achiote and wrapped in a banana leaf. It is cooked in an earth oven and accompanied with sour orange, red onion and habanero chile.


A corn tamale

It is a tamale that is prepared from corn and is characterized by its triangular shape. It is very typical of the lake area of Michoacán. In some variants they are filled with cheese, slices of chilaca, pork or vegetables.


Dessert that is made with wheat flour azúcar

It is a dessert that is made with wheat flour, milk, and sugar. They are empanada-like cookies that are large, flat, and traditionally filled with brown sugar.


Skin of the pig pickled in vinegar

It is the skin of the pig pickled in vinegar. The vinegar can be seasoned with pepper, oregano, chile de árbol and pineapple. They are eaten with a cemita or on toast.

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