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The ethnic groups of Veracruz are varied because of its location and its long coastline, Veracruz is considered a crossroads of different cultures, including African and European. The state also has a wide range of climats and ecosystems, so the creativity and raw materials in the regions has an enormous number of options and the result are a variety of spectacular crafts.

Veracruz produces: palm and jars, vanilla figurines, pottery, wool textiles, musical instruments and tortoiseshell articles.

Handicrafts in Amatlán de los Reyes

Amatlán de los Reyes produces beautiful textiles made with backstrap looms.

Handicrafts in Acatitla

Acatitla produces palm leaf hats.

Handicrafts in Chicontepec

Chicontepec produces textiles hand-embroidery and cross-stitch made with backstrap looms.

Folk Art in Veracruz

Handicrafts in Coatepec

In Coatepec you can buy some unique handicrafts, local artists make very attractive creations with the coffee plant, taking advantage of everything from the roots to the trunks, branches and fruits. Likewise, dried coffee beans are used to make pieces of jewelry.

With these materials are made: boxes, key chains, letter openers or bookmarks that are painted by hand with landscapes or coffee fruits.

Additionally, with the coffee beans, as well as with the seeds of this plant and others such as: acorn, chololo, guanacaxtle and colorín, among others, aromatic and original pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rosaries can be found in various stalls around the main square.

The artisans of this Magical Town also create small figures representing orchids, dragonflies or hummingbirds with cedar, orange or chalahuite wood.

Other products that can be purchased in Coatepec are pottery and some wooden toys.

In this Magical Town you will also find crafts made with vines, reeds and bamboo.

Handicrafts in Coscomatepec

This Magical Town is specialized in the elaboration of saddlery products and other leather products such as wallets and handbags.

As in several towns in the region, you will also find nice pottery. The difference is the decoration that is very colorful and with themes that are related to nature.

You will also find pieces made with wool such as ponchos (an outer garment designed to keep the body warm) and sarapes.

However, Coscomatepec gained prestige as a tobacco producer that was even exported to Cuba for its quality. To this day it is still famous for its cigars.

If you want to try cigars in the main square there are some stalls that offer you this unforgettable experience. But if you are interested in knowing a little more about cigars, you can take a workshop with one of the families that have dedicated to this activity for generations. There are also tours to simply learn about the production process.

Handicrafts in Coscoleacaque

Cosoleacaque produces textiles in backstrap loom.

Handicrafts in Huatusco

Huatusco is a place where you can buy products made with clay and coffee, as well as some wooden articles like ashtrays, pens and other decorative pieces.


Handicrafts in Los Tuxtlas

It is a region where you can find wooden masks, as well as other decorative items.

The artisans of Los Tuxtlas make beautiful reed baskets that serve as containers for seeds. In addition, you can also find tortilla holders, baskets and fans, all made with traditional techniques.

Here you will also find jewelery made with the seeds of local plants such as colorín. There are unique necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Continuing with the use of organic products, the shells of some fruits are also used to make purses, earrings and vases.

In addition, they also take some flowers and fruits of various species to make necklaces and figures.

You can also find musical instruments and of course all kinds of good luck charms, especially in Catemaco.

Handicrafts in Minatitlán

Minatitlán offers embroidered textiles and deshilado, or drawn thread work.

Handicrafts in Orizaba

In Orizaba there is an attractive Crafts Market of the High Mountains, where more than 70 artisans from Orizaba and its surroundings sell various products.

Here you can find wooden furniture, pieces made with clay such as pots, plates, cups and other utilitarian products, as well as T-shirts and footwear with attractive and colorful designs.

In Orizaba there is beautiful jewelery made with coffee beans and other organic products and some reproductions of the famous Cri Cri characters.

Handicrafts in Papantla

It is a place that has gained international fame for its production of vanilla, a premium ingredient for sweets and desserts. The vanilla beans are also used for the creation of incredible handicrafts like decorative figures, rosaries and necklaces, among other products.

Additionally, you find glazed ceramic pieces, masks and wooden toys.

The Nahuas and Totonacs of this area also make quexquemes (a garment which has been worn by certain indigenous ethnicities in Mexico) and sarapes with incredible embroidery.Additionally, you find glazed ceramic pieces, masks and wooden toys.

You can also buy the colorful clothing used in typical dances, as well as baskets, sandals, fans, hats, flutes and small drums.

Many of these products are available at the Craft Market.


Handicrafts in Tlacotalpan

In Tlacotalpan you will find beautiful textiles including beautiful shawls and blouses.

In Tlacotalpan, mahogany, red cedar and cowhide furniture is made in a very peculiar style called tlacotalpeño.

This beautiful town is also distinguished by its production of instruments such as tambourines, jaranas (a guitar-like string instrument) and requintos (a smaller version of a classical guitar).

Additionally, the artisians create beautiful landscapes and fans made with the reed.

A good option to purchase all these products is the Casa de las Artesanías with a wide assortment of products such as the jarocha dress (The typical costume of the Veracruzan woman is composed of a skirt and a blouse made in white fabric), traditional handkerchiefs and much more.

Handicrafts in Veracruz

In Veracruz you will find coconut carvings, figures, animals & decoration items, embroidered textiles like: dresses, napkins and tablecloths, as well as pieces made with sea shells such as necklaces and earrings.

Many of these handicrafts and others can be purchased on the Malecón (broadwalk).

Handicrafts in Xalapa

In Xalapa you will find pottery, jewelry, textiles, blown glass and saddlery, among others.

The state capital has rescued the Olmec and Totonac traditions and makes jade and ceramic pieces recreating original creations of these cultures.

In the Plaza Artesanal Manos Veracruzanas you can buy both local handicrafts and those from all over the state.

Handicrafts in Xico

The most typical products of this Magical Town are the wooden masks, although other beautiful decorative pieces are also made with the wood of the coffee tree.

The designs are unique and colorful and are almost always related to fruits from the region.

In Xico you will also find jewelery made with coffee seeds and some pieces made from corn leaves.

Handicrafts in Zozocolco de Hidalgo

In this Magical Town you can find masks, pita works and beautiful cedar furniture.

Wonderful colorful candles and complex ornaments are also made here, which are often used in religious festivals in the region.

You will also find beautifully embroidered garments, some of them are part of the typical Totonac clothing such as the quesquémetl (two pieces of rectangular cloth sewn together, and most often worn off the shoulders, covering the upper body). Textile traditions have been maintained since pre-Hispanic times, but due to the beauty of their creations they have been preserved to our time.

Another beautiful creation from this area are the scaled wax candles (a technique of working with wax made with very diverse thin templates put among or linked covering the candle). The flowers used to adorn the candles are made from molds and the decoration is complemented with colored paper, in such a way that they end up in unique and very attractive pieces.