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Jalisco is one of Mexico's main producers of handcrafts and folk art, in fact it is the national leader in terms of importance and diversity of handicrafts, it contributes with 10% of artisanal exports from all over Mexico.

Handicrafts in Ajijic

Textiles are the traditional craft of the people of Ajijic. You can buy different products such as napkins, runners, tablecloths, curtains, bedspreads, cushions, traditional blouses and shawls.

Of course, being a place where many artists have settled, many of the creations are more unique and sophisticated.

There is a Casa de las Artesanías where you can find pottery, corn husks, blown glass, papier-mâché, leather... and much more.

If you want to have access to all the handicrafts and other regional products, do not miss the Wednesday market in Ajijic. Here you can find jewelry, clothing, decoration items and of course the typical dishes of Jalisco.

Folk Art in Jalisco

Handicrafts in Guadalajara

Guadalajara, the capital of the state, is a favorite destination for buyers where you can find: pottery, glassware, leather products, silver jewelry and regional clothing at great prices.

The two colonial towns Tlaquepaque and Tonala, offer a wide variety of options for craft lovers.

A wide variety of crafts can be purchased in Guadalajara in Mercado Libertad, in the various stores in downtown or in the shopping centers that also offer colorful creations.

Handicrafts in Mascota

In this Magical Town you can find a great diversity of sandals, better known as "huaraches", as well as equipment, saddles and a variety of pottery pieces.

In Mascota you can also find some colorful pieces made by the Huichols.

One of the best places to buy all kinds of handicrafts is the Regional Market.

Handicrafts in Lagos de Moreno

The artisans of this area are very skilled in the handling and carving of the quarry, they produce fountains, arcades, fireplaces, table bases, balustrades, tiles and an endless number of religious sculptures.

You can also find beautiful hand-carved chairs, tables, and benches combined with ixtle weaving. Continuing with the wood carving, there are also beautiful furniture such as bookcases, shelves, wardrobes and dining rooms.

Other products made in Lagos de Moreno are figures and ornaments made of corn leaves and pewter.

In the Casa del Artesano you can find all the beautiful crafts of the region, including the incredible quarry work.

We also recommend that you buy some delicious typical sweets, organic honey, sauces and red fruit, blueberry, grape or pomegranate juices.

Handicrafts in Mazamitla

Due to the wooded landscape, Mazamitla artisans use wood as their main input, making beautiful miniature wooden furniture, as well as chairs and other pieces carved in wood.

Other elements from the forests that they use are pine cones and pine trunks to create animals, household utensils and curious cabins.

The artisans of this region also make beautiful basketry work.

A good place to buy the colorful handicrafts of the region is the Museum and Handicraft Market of Mazamitla, which is located next to the main church. Here you can find wooden toys, key rings, blanket clothing with colorful embroidery and attractive ceramics.

Another option is the Municipal Market, which also has a good variety of handicrafts.

Handicrafts in Puerto Vallarta

There are numerous stores in Puerto Vallarta for shopping and the number of establishments is increasing. The destination has something for all tastes and budgets.

Puerto Vallarta is recognized as one of the best places in Mexico to purchase handicrafts, and the stores in the destination offer a large number of unique, high-quality pieces.

Art lovers will find in the destination an innumerable number of art galleries and artist studios that offer internationally recognized and appreciated paintings and sculptures.

You can tour the Historic Center, and visit the stores that offer an incredible variety of items ranging from fine jewelry to colonial furniture, highlighting the colorful handmade beachwear and the typical huaraches made by the surrounding artisans, as well as the handmade chocolates offered at Olas Altas.


Handicrafts in Ribera de Chapala

San Cristóbal Zapotitlán and Jocotepec, and Laguna de Cajititlán are places that have specialized in harness and basketry. In addition, tropical wood furniture in colonial style, various embroidered and saddlery products are manufactured.

One of the best options to purchase handicrafts from the state is the Chapala Handicraft Market where you will find embroidered dresses, pottery, jewelry, wood carved pieces, blown glass, and leather goods, among many other handicrafts.

Handicrafts in San Sebastián del Oeste

This picturesque town is surrounded by mountains and valleys and is known for its organic coffee production. You can find organic coffee as well as various mixtures such as coffee with chocolate, cinnamon or espresso, and of course coffee sweets.

Here you will also find coffee typical sweets and handmade cigars.

Handicrafts in Santa Ana Acatlán

Santa Ana Acatlán elaborates funny toy mules made of wood and decorated with bags on the sides with local sugar candy.

Handicrafts in Talpa de Allende

This Magical Town has specialized in making crafts with chilite or Talpa gum, which is the sap of the chicozapote that is extracted by making a diagonal cut in the bark.

The sap is heated until it reaches a chewy consistency so that it can be molded and strips or sheets can be removed and painted with different colors. A wide variety of products are made with this material, from hats, baskets, flowers, pots, pitchers, fruit bowls and toys, to cathedrals or virgins.

This product can also be chewed, like gum, it doesn't have much flavor but it doesn't have sugar either.

A good option to buy all the local products is the Municipal Market.


Handicrafts in Tapalpa

Tapalpa manufactures ornaments and wooden furniture, since the town is surrounded by a beautiful forest.

You can also buy hand woven wool items such as jorongos (a large coat-like weaving with a single slit in it for the head) and blankets.

Other unique products of Tapalpa are the baskets and hats made with pine needles.

One of the best places to buy local products is the Mercado del Artesano Tapalpa.

Handicrafts in Tequila

The main product in this Magical Town is precisely the famous beverage called tequila, in all presentations: white (“white”), reposado (“rested”) or añejo (“aged”), aged in oak barrels the longest is the premium sipping tequila.

There are also other handicrafts that are related to this drink, such as: wooden jars and barrels made from oak, as well as amphoras, or items made with pineapple and agave leaves, such as bags, purses or bracelets. You can also find pieces made with the colorful beads of the Huichols.

In Tequila you can also buy sandals, belts and leather brooches.

Other unique handicrafts that you can buy in Tequila is beautiful jewelry made with organic raw material, some fiber from agave.

Handicrafts in Tlaquepaque

It is considered one of the most important pottery production centers in the country, where 9 kinds of pottery are produced. Various techniques are used such as: burnished clay, cinnamon clay, petatillo, kaolin or high temperature, among others. Here you will find: nativity scenes, miniature figures, casseroles, pots, jugs, pots, vases and tableware.

In this place full of artists, raw blankets, poplins, gauze, striped Cambaya blankets and dacrons are used to make hand-embroidered blouses, dresses and skirts.

Glass is one of the most used elements in Tlaquepaque crafts. Pressed glass is used in the manufacture of prisms for candlesticks; blown glass is used to make novel and attractive designs to make tableware, vases and ornamental figures; and stretched glass is the most difficult to handle and is used for ornamental products.

The wood is worked and its creations are of a religious nature, you can find sculptures, furniture, representations of animals and various objects.

You can also find diverse utilitarian pieces like hats and furniture, representing the art of weaving vegetal fibers.

The saddlery has a special character here, since you can find leather products such as jackets, shoes, bags and the typical equipales (chairs made of logs with leather seats and backs).

Another technique that has had a very particular interpretation in Tlaquepaque, is the blacksmithing; you can find magnificent lanterns and ornamental articles using copper, brass, tin and iron.

Also noteworthy are the creations in amate and papier-mâché that have captivated collectors from around the world for their color and their original designs.

Discover fabulous art treasures at the series of galleries where you will find real highly valued works of art.

In Tlaquepaque you can visit some workshops and The Craftmen House.

In the historic center of Tlaquepaque you can find a huge variety of handicrafts where you will surely find more than one object to take as a souvenir. Most of the galleries and craft shops are on the Andador Independencia, a pedestrian promenade where there are also nice bars and restaurants.

Right in this walkway are the galleries of the famous artists Rodo Padilla, Sergio Bustamante and Agustín Parra, all located in old mansions that give them a very special character.

Another good option to acquire the incredible crafts of this Magical Town is the Casa de la Artesanía de San Pedro Tlaquepaque, which is located on Calle de Morelos.Another good option to acquire the incredible crafts of this Magical Town is Casa de la Artesanía de San Pedro Tlaquepaque, located in Calle de Morelos.

Handicrafts in Tonalá

In regard to handicrafts and shopping, Tonala Jalisco is incomparable, it has been an artisanal center since the pre-Hispanic times where hundreds of handicraft workshops manufacture blown glass, wrought iron and paper-mâché items, as well as rustic wooden furniture.

This town is the pottery capital of Jalisco and the only city in the nation where more than 10 traditional techniques are used to make various crafts; you will find figures made with different motifs, such as lions with sun faces, owls, roosters, churches and Noah's coffers. With the technique of Barro Canelo, known by that name because of the resemblance to the color of cinnamon, you will find large bottles, vases and tubs are made.

In Tonalá you can visit some workshops and The Craftmen House.

On Thursdays and Sundays, a craft market is installed on the main access road, Av. Tonaltecas, where you will find a wide variety of craft pieces at very good prices. Additionally, there are stalls where you can enjoy the rich gastronomy of the region.Across the street Tonaltecas you can enjoy an open-air market on Thursdays and Sundays. In this colorful market you will find a wide variety of craft pieces at very good prices. Additionally, there are stalls where you can enjoy the tasty gastronomy of the region.

Handicrafts in Zacoalco de Torres

Zacoalco de Torres manufactures beautiful and original equipale chairs. There are more than 50 workshops in the town that are dedicated full time to manufacture equipales.