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Tlaxcala is a land full of history and traditions and where artisans have been able to reconnect with their roots. The techniques used for the elaboration of handcrafts have been transmitted for generations and the ancestral legacy of living culture has been preserved.

The variety and quality of crafts in Tlaxcala have earned several national and international awards.

Handicrafts in Altzayanca

In Altzayanca you will find wood carved figures and quality furniture. But the most important craft in this town is the production of psalteries, a string musical instrument.

Handicrafts in El Carmen Tequixquitla

In the town, amazing straw handicrafts such as houses and landscapes are made, as well as straw paintings, sotol basketry and works with the tule leaf with which chairs are made. You can also buy talavera pieces with distinctive designs.

Folk Art from Tlaxcala

Handicrafts in Huamantla

In this town, the artisians create impressive works of embroidered gold beads used to dress the Virgen de la Caridad (Our Lady of Charity).

You will also find some beautiful macrame pieces like flowerpots, shawls, mats, tablecloths, bags, purses, backpacks, and capes, as well as pieces of amate paper, figures made of totomoxtle or corn husks, rugs, wool blankets, and traditional masks use for the carnival celebrations.

Modern Mexican puppetry is traced to Huamantla, the tradition dates back to the 19th century due entirely to the Rosete Aranda family traveling puppet show that toured for over a century. If you like the puppets you will have an unforgettable experience while visiting this town.

However, Huamantla is world famous for La noche que nadie duerme (The Night When Nobody Sleeps) when the town will be carpeted with over 8 kilometers worth of multi-colored sawdust tapetes (carpets). At this festival people use colorful sand, flowers, fruits and dyed sawdust to create carpets as offerings for its patron saint, La Virgen de la Caridad.

Yet while the carpets look gorgeous from a distance, the real charm lies in seeing them being made by skilled local artisans up close. The designs run the gamut from florals to religious imagery, while geometric patterns are also favored.

Locals take turns in transforming their streets into mesmerizing pieces of art, but it is an ephemeral art that stay on the streets for around four to six hours so they can be admired by the residents and visitors. Nobody can step on them until the procession starts.

Do not miss the unique experience of admiring these original creations and enjoying the festive atmosphere of this event.

Handicrafts in Españita

This village produces several glazed wares, such as pots, jugs, molcajetes, cups, plates and jars, as well as pieces of natural clay such as pots and comales. You can also buy beautiful figures of totomoxtle (corn husk) like dolls with typical dresses, christs, saints, angels, clowns and many others.

Handicrafts in Guadalupe Ixcotla

Guadalupe Ixcotla produces gobelins or wool tapestries using a vertical loom.

Handicrafts in Trinidad Tenexyecac

The craftsmen of this town elaborate glazed earthenware pieces, as well as pre-Hispanic pieces.


Handicrafts in Popocatla

In this town you will find piñatas, alebrijes, saints, masks and christs made with cardboard and paper.

Handicrafts in San Agustín Tlaxco

This beautiful town works silverware with the lost wax technique that has incorporated both pre-Hispanic and colonial heritage, achieving jewelry with detail and finesse that place it among the best in the country. Here you will find exquisite silver jewelry like earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets, among others.

You can also find pieces of wood, from toys to decorative or utilitarian products, as well as beautiful embroideries on blankets, as well as some sarapes, shawls, sweaters, capes, and wool hats.

These and many other colorful pieces can be found in the Tlaxco Craft Market.

Handicrafts in San Bernardino Contla

It is located only 5 km from Santa Ana Chiautempan and is famous for the elaboration of polychrome carpets known as "Saltillos", a name that has nothing to do with Saltillo Coahuila. Here you will find family workshops with pedal looms or more modern electric looms.

Handicrafts in San Damián Texoloc

Community that produces certified copies of pre-Hispanic pieces.

Handicrafts in San Esteban Tizatlán

It is located near the capital of the state and the artisians of this town elaborate carved wooden figures like canes and zoomorphic pieces. This town is also famous for amate paper paintings representing nice landscapes and the murals of Cacaxtla and Bonampak.

Handicrafts in San Isidro Buensuceso

The town is located at the foot of the La Malinche volcano and produces beautiful and colorful embroidery.

Handicrafts in San Juan Ixtenco

San Juan Ixtenco offer different garments with beautiful embroidery using traditional techniques such as “pepenado”. They also make original paintings with different seeds (corn, lentils, rice and more), corn husk and chinamite bark creating landscapes and faces.

Handicrafts in San Martín Xaltocan

In San Martín Xaltocan, you will find carved stone fountains, monuments, columns and facades.

Handicrafts in San Pablo del Monte

San Pablo del Monte is a town that produces onyx pieces such as book holders, ashtrays, jewelry boxes and decorative figures. You can also buy popotillo works such as colorful paintings, wooden boxes and key chains, as well as some talavera works.


Handicrafts in San Salvador Tzompantepec

San Salvador Tzompantepec produces pieces of natural clay.

Handicrafts in San Sebastián Atlahapa

San Sebastián Atlahapa manufactures beautiful pieces of burnished pottery.

Handicrafts in San Vicente Xiloxochitla

The town specializes in basketry.

Handicrafts in Santa Ana Chiautempan

Santa Ana Chiautempan is known as the cradle of "Saltillo", traditional sarape made with wool and adorned with diamonds and stripes of bright colors. Other wool products are also made, such as shawls, sweaters, capes, gloves and wool hats, among others.

Handicrafts in Santiago Altzayanca

Santiago Altzayanca manufactures psalteries, traditional instruments of Tlaxcala.

Handicrafts in Tlatempan

In this village the carnaval masks are one example of skillful workmanship, the masks are used mainly in religious festivities such as the Dance of the Huehues (Old people). You will also find religious figures such as saints, christs, angels, alebrijes and articulated figures.

Handicrafts in the city of Tlaxcala

Cultural heritage embodied in traditional crafts is an integral part of Tlaxcala.

In the capital you can find all the crafts of the state such as the clay items of San Esteban Tizatlán like beautiful angels, Christs and saints.

The incredible Tlaxcalan talavera that is still made with the technique that comes from Mallorca, Spain. Here a greater variety of colors are used and it is usually presented in relief.

You will also find the colorful textiles from San Isidro Buensuceso, the totomochtli dolls from Expañita, or the elaborate quarry pieces from Xaltocan.

In Tlaxcala, you can find the handicrafts, books and typical drinks from all over the state in the Casa de las Artesanías (The House of Handicrafts), here you will enjoy a nice atmosphere as you observe the artisans creating one-of-kind carvings and embroidered work. You can also buy all kind of crafts in the markets, or in the traditional weekend tianguis in Plaza Xicoténcatl.

Handicrafts in Tzompantepec

Village located near Apizaco where you will find quarry items such as fountains, columns, horses and lions, among others.

Handicrafts in Xaltocan

In this town you will find unique pieces carved in quarry like fountains, columns, horses or lions, among others.