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The traditions and culture of Querétaro are very well represented in the crafts made by their artisans. You can find all these beautiful creations in the streets or markets of the various localities of the state.

There is a great variety of handicrafts such as the Tolimán embroidery, the rag dolls of the Amealco mountain range, the quarry sculptures in Pedro Escobedo, the goldsmith work of San Juan del Río or the handicraft of Tequisquiapan.

Handicrafts in Amealco

In nearby communities such as San Ildefonso Tultepec and San Juan de Guedó, you can find artisans who make unique pottery work such as vessels, cases, pots, lamps, gourds and various ornamental pieces.

In San Ildefonso, the women elaborate embroidery with ornaments where their ancestral roots can be seen.

In Santiago Mexquititlán the "quisquemetl" is made with pure wool, as well as brightly colored blouses and napkins and tablecloths made with a hook.

However, within the crafts, perhaps the best known are the cloth dolls with colorful costumes, ribbons and shawls.

You can buy all these beautiful creations in the various shops in the streets and alleys of the town, as well as in the Casa de Artesanías "Doni".

Folk Art in Querétaro

Handicrafts in Bernal

This Magical Town manufactures brightly colored quilts, rugs, tablecloths and sweaters on traditional looms. Some of the looms are open to the public, so you can learn about the process of this ancient and well-founded custom.

In Bernal there is a very nice variety of the gems and jewelry to buy, the most common in the area is the fire opal.

You will find a series of picturesque handicraft shops, where you can buy typical sweets from the region such as crystallized fruits and milk sweets, as well as attractive handicrafts that are an ancestral tradition in Bernal.

If you want to take a nice souvenir, be sure to visit the La Aurora Craft Center that offers a wide variety of crafts from the region. It is located right in front of the Temple of San Sebastián Mártir in the main garden.

Handicrafts in Cadereyta de Montes

This Magical Town is recognized for its saddlery work, so you will find attractive belts, shoes and some other leather products with attractive designs.

The people of Cadereyta and the nearby communities have a long tradition in the elaboration of items ranging from griddles, pots, pitchers, jugs, plates, glasses and jugs, to beautiful decorative pieces.

Here you will also find some woven rod and ocajal products, both for domestic use such as bread baskets, vases, baskets, sewing boxes, even decorative pieces.

Additionally, you can also find some pieces carved in marble.

In Pathé, a community near Cadereyta de Montes, you can find beautiful wool objects that are woven on traditional looms and decorated with figures such as stripes, fretwork, animals and other whimsical figures, resulting in works worthy of admiration.

These products can be purchased at the Parador Artesanal.

Handicrafts in Ezequiel Montes

This town offers items made from ixtle fiber, like backpacks, dolls and baskets, among other products, as well as wool items made of rustic looms. These products can be purchased at the "La Canoa".

Handicrafts in Jalpan de Serra

Saddlery is a tradition in the region, so you can find attractive belts, key rings, purses and much more.

The skilled hands of the artisans create unique embroideries in various garments, sheets, tablecloths, bags, purses, and napkins.

The braided palm is not only used to create utilitarian products but also to make attractive pieces of jewelry.

In Jalpan, wood is also worked creating some attractive decorative pieces and furniture.

Here you can find beautiful pieces of pottery like cups, plates, tequila shakers, sauce boats, vases, bells and sugar bowls, among many other items. The distinctive characteristic of this ceramic is the special shine.

In the Casa de las Artesanías you will find all these products and some other crafts from all over Querétaro.

Handicrafts in city of Querétaro

Walking along the historic center you will find endless antiques a real paradise for antique lovers. There are furniture from the early twentieth century, accessories from the beginning of the 20th century, first edition books and much more.

You can also buy handicrafts from all over the state at the Casa Queretana de las Artesanías (Handcraft House).


Handicrafts in Pedro Escobedo

In this region abounds the limestone, so you can find beautiful pieces in carved quarry as: fountains, pots, desks, columns, windows, among others.

Handicrafts in San Joaquín

In San Joaquín you will find beautiful woodwork, including attractive furniture.

Local artisans use many techniques to create their beautiful textiles, with a unique embroidery, fraying, and hook, among others.

You also find some belts, beautiful jewelry and a tasty apple liqueur.

Casa del Artesano San Joaquín is the best place to find all these products and more.

Handicrafts in San Juan del Río

In this town you can find a great variety of handicrafts that include pieces of clay, talavera, glass, silver and clothing and other beautifully embroidered or frayed pieces, among others.

There are also various pieces made of wood from toys to attractive furniture.

This town is known for its basketry products that include baskets, bags and other utilitarian products.

All these products can be found at the Casa de Artesanías in San Juan del Río.


Handicrafts in San Vicente Ferrer

This town located 40 minutes from the capital of the state, produces a wide variety of clothing such as jackets, bags, shoes and leather belts, which can be purchased in the main square.

Handicrafts in Tequisquiapan

This town is famous for its artisan tradition of basketry, working with willow sticks and sabino roots to create beautiful hats and an immense variety of baskets.

Due to the surrounding mines, in recent times it has become more common to find beautiful pieces of jewelry that incorporate multicolored opals and quartz, as well as pieces of these stones carved with great skill.

Wooden furniture and items are also produced, as well as wrought iron pieces, embroidered fabrics, saddlery items and traditional rag dolls.

Most of these products can be purchased at the Craft Market.