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The state of Morelos stands out for its wide tradition in the development of crafts.

You will find a wide variety of items, each town specializes in certain types of handicrafts: art in wood, pots of natural clay and glazed clay with unique features, wrought iron and furniture, colorful creations in amate paper, blanket garments, pre-Hispanic instruments , necklaces and bracelets made with beads and stones, bags and baskets of palm, chopped paper, and many other pieces that have positioned Morelos as one of the places with more options of crafts in the country.

Handicrafts in Amacuzac

This town produces musical instruments like: huajes (fruit of the Tecomate plant), tambourines and guiros (percussion instrument consisting of an open-ended, hollow gourd with parallel notches cut in one side).

Handicrafts in Chalcatzingo

Chalcatzingo is a community and it is part of the municipality of Jantetelco, this region has preserved the pre-Hispanic construction tradition of Cuexcomate, also known as Coscomate, or Cuezcomatl, a traditional rural means of storing corn. The craftsmen of the village have created scale model size Cuexcomates and the visitors can use this creations as a decorative element, either for interior or exterior, so they have created these original structures in sizes ranging from 20 centimeters to four meters high.

Folk Art in Morelos

Handicrafts in Cuernavaca

In Cuernavaca you can find crafts from all over the state. Downtown Cuernavaca offers countless stores with handcrafts like: silver crafts, blankets, wooden figures and a variety of pottery objects; there is also an artisan tianguis located next to the Cuauhnáhuac Museum.

In addition, in the center there are several places that sell a wide variety of crafts.

Of course, you can also find attractive pieces of silver.

Handicrafts in Cuautla

The typical crafts of the region are related to saddlery, so you can find sandals, belts, saddles and other pieces of leather.

Although there are beautiful wrought iron works.

Palm crafts are also very attractive in Cuautla. Here you can find bags, purses, tortilla holders, earrings, necklaces, wallets or fans in colorful woven palm.

Other pieces that you can find are woven dolls and representations of famous characters such as Chavo del Ocho or superman.

Handicrafts in Huajintlán

The town elaborates attractive maracas shakers with guaje, they cut it and when dry it the artisians hand painted with bright colors.

Handicrafts in Hueyapan

The town has a great tradition in wool garments like: chincuetes (a highly pleated skirt), rebozos, gabanes (overcoat) and girdles.

Handicrafts in Jantetelco

In the town small cuexcomates are produced that are used to store grains such as corn.


Handicrafts in Ocotepec

The village produces rustic wooden furniture and clay pots.

Handicrafts in Tepoztlán

The Magical Town produces attractive designs on amate paper, a product obtained from the bark of tres. The artisans also use the amate to create unique lamps.

Other handicrafts are: wicker baskets, pottery, wooden figurines, rain sticks, pochote thorn houses, teponaztles (prehispanic drum) and jewelry made with seeds and natural stones on silver, as well as all kinds of quartz.

All the artisan creations can be purchased every weekend in the market that is located on the main street of the town, and in several stores located in the main streets of Tepoztlán.

Handicrafts in Tequesquitengo

There are some stalls offering a variety of handicrafts. However, if you really want to go shopping you can visit some nearby communities.

Just 12 minutes from Tequesquitengo is Tehuixtla, where you can find sandals and clay comales in its traditional market, where there are also fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as dried chilies and the famous jumiles (small stink bugs), an exotic food from the region.

Handicrafts in Tlaltizapán

In Tlaltizapán you will find wood figures and clothing made with “manta” (a 100% natural unbleached cotton).


Handicrafts in Tlayacapan

The variety is one of the most extensive in the country and covers all branches

Visiting this place is a real experience, the quantity and quality of of handicrafts astounding. You can find sophisticated candles, an enormous diversity of pottery pieces either glazed, painted or burnished clay such as: casseroles of any size, pots, jugs, pitchers and comales, as well as fountains, fireplaces and pots of the most varied shapes.You will also find a variety of iron and wood furniture.

Don’t miss out on the chance to purchase quality crafts at affordable prices along Emilio Carranza Street and in Plaza del Alfarero, or during the weekends in the craft market.

Handicrafts in Xoxocotla

This town offers beautiful flower arrangements made with natural flowers.