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Artesanías en Oaxaca

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Hidalgo offers a melting pot of ethnicities and traditions reflected in a wide variety of handicrafts, a wonderful world of color and harmony.

Handicrafts in Acaxochitlan

Acaxochitlan produces textiles worked in waist looms, a method that was used since pre-Hispanic times.

The fabrics are made of wool and cotton with which creates nice items like gloves, overalls, sweaters and girdles.

Handicrafts in Actopan

Actopan produces carved stone objects, as well as embroidered textiles.

Handicrafts in Alfajayucan

Alfajayucan produces various ceramic objects, as well as palm hats and stone-quarry objects.

Folk Art in Hidalgo

Handicrafts in Huasca de Ocampo

The artisians of this town produces pieces of red pottery, such as platters, jars and pots. It is the ideal place to buy clay tableware, including some pieces such as casseroles, jugs and bowls.

You can visit some of their workshops to learn a little more about the making of clay objects and choose the style and decoration you like the most.

You will also find carved wood kitchen instruments and some wrought iron furniture.

Handicrafts in Huautla

In this town, baskets, tortilla makers and reed hats are made.

Handicrafts in Huejutla

Chililico in Huejutla produces beautifully carved wooden furniture, as well as pottery pieces, including large bottles, molcajetes, pots and candlesticks in the shape of beautiful human and animal figures.

The artisians create pots, jugs, and kitchen utensils out of white clay. The pottery and ceramics are decorated in a peculiar way in black and white background. In the case of ceremonial objects, the decoration is based on red, black and white oil paint.

You will also find ayates, bags and sacks of plant fibers. 

Handicrafts in Huichapan

This Magical Town is known for stone carving. Here you can buy quarry objects ranging from small pieces of decoration to large sculptures, columns and fountains.

It also produces handmade huaraches and ayates (cloth made from the fiber of the maguey plant).

Of course you can also buy colorful basketry and some clay pieces.

You can buy these products in the municipal market and in some of the craft shops that are located near the main square

Handicrafts in Ixmiquilpan

Ixmiquilpan elaborates a variety of crafts made of ixtle, such as: backpacks, bags and cages.

They also make other products in wool and musical instruments.

Handicrafts in Jacala

Jacala is dedicated to the production of pottery and handcrafted cedar and juniper furniture.

Handicrafts in Jaltocán

In this town most of the population is dedicated to the elaboration of pyrotechnic games such as “toritos”, castles and rockets of all sizes.


Handicrafts in Mapethé in Cardonal

This community elaborates handmade wool rugs, using the Persian technique. You can also find knives, machetes and handles adorned with metal wires.

Handicrafts in Meztitlán

This village produces wooden furniture and a large selection of cross stitch fabrics used to make mantillas, cushions and “quexquémetls”(a garment which has been worn by certain indigenous ethnicities).

There are also beautiful articles woven in palm and plastic, such as: hats, vases, fans and baskets.

Handicrafts in Nopalillo

Nopalillo manufactures various obsidian objects such as: human figurines and desk items.

Handicrafts in Mineral del Chico

Here you can buy fabrics, deshilado (a technique of removing strands of cloth to make lace-like patterns), pottery, wood carving, clay and silverware.

In addition, copper, bronze and tin are used to make a wide variety of decorative pieces.

One of the unique pieces of Mineral del Chico are the lamps made with nopal fiber, ocote pineapples and acorns that are used as light switchess. Its execution takes an elaborate process and 40-years nopales are used as raw material.

The best options to buy local products are the Municipal Market, Plaza Artesanal and Pabellón Artesanal.

Handicrafts in Pachuca

Pachuca, the state capital, offers a selection of state crafts at the Casa de Artesanías Hidarte.

You can find baskets of ixltle and textiles from Ixmiquilpan, embroideries from Tenango de Doria made by Otomi and Tepehuanes, pottery from Chilililco, bells from Tlahuelompa, wool garments from Acaxochitlán and wool rugs from Mapethé, to name a few.

Handicrafts in Real del Monte

The silver mines surrounding Real del Monte produced more than half the silver generated during the 300 years of the colonial period. That is why this small mining town create beautiful silver jewelry using embossing techniques.

There are wood and palm ornaments, as well as very good quality woolen garments, excellent for the cold winter weather.

You can visit the Portal del Comercio where you will find several establishments that sell silverware and typical sweets. Continuing along Hidalgo street you will find a wide variety of stores where you can shop for unique handmade crafts.


Handicrafts in Tecozautla

This Magical Town is known for its basketry and the obsidian carving. Especially in the neighboring town called Pahné, where you can find various animals and other figures made of obsidian, especially frogs and turtles are very well done.

It is also a tradition in Tecozautla to use volcanic rocks, quarries and vegetable fibers with which artisans create truly magical products.

As for basketry, you will find baskets, furniture and accessories made of reeds. There are also baskets and furniture made of sticks and jara.

There are some quarry pieces that are used in construction and some ornamental elements that are masterfully carved.

A good option to buy handicrafts is Casa del Artesano.

Handicrafts in Tenango de Doria

Tenango de Doria has become world famous for its incredible designs in embroidery, in fact, today is world known the "Tenango" brand, for its originality and color.

This tradition was born more than a century ago and the colorful figures represent flowers, animals and geometric figures. As they are made by hand, each produc is unique and many of them take months to make.

Se pueden encontrar cojines, blusas o manteles con bellos diseños.

Handicrafts in Zacualtipán

Tizapán in Zacualtipán produces hammered copper objects such as pots, jars, glasses, coffee and tea sets, trays of all sizes, candlesticks and miniature kitchenware.

It is nationally famous for its production of bronze and copper bells.

Artisans also make fine saddlery.

Handicrafts in Tula

The women in this town and in general in the Mezquital Valley, have a special taste for fine embroidery.

The embroidery patterns are birds, rhombus or colored flowers and are used to decorate the collars and cuffs of blouses, shirts and blankets.

Handicrafts in Zempoala

In this Magical Town you can find some pieces of clay such as casseroles and pots, as well as molcajetes.

Here garments with beautiful embroidery such as dresses, blouses and belts are made.

There is a wide variety of wooden products such as toys, decorative pieces and even jewelry.

As for the basketry, you will be able to find nice baskets and a great selection of hats.

One of the unique products of Zempoala are the bells, you can buy them in various materials such as copper, bronze and tin with unique designs.

A good option to find this wide variety of beautiful products is Palacio de las Artesanías.

Handicrafts in Zimapán

In this Magical Town, beautiful embroideries such as tablecloths and folders are made, as well as colorful wooden toys.

You can also find ixtla brooms, baskets and fruit bowls.

As in many other towns in Hidalgo, pottery is a tradition and there are beautiful and original pieces distinguished by the unique decoration.