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The artisans of San Luis Potosí have been able to express their culture, their history and their inspiration in a great variety of articles that have given an identity to this state.

The quechquémeles of Tancanhuitz, the rebozos of Santa María del Río, and the weaved baskets made by the teenek of San Luis Potosí, among others.

Handicrafts in Aquismón

In this Magical Town you can buy some pieces such as blouses, quechquémel, mulberries, napkins and tablecloths with teenek embroidery, that means cross stitch with geometric designs, or with representations of corn, birds and flowers. It is said that each embroidery is a small representation of the life of the woman who makes it.

A myriad of different designs have been used as part of the decoration of this garment with a variety of techniques adapted and adopted over time. It is said that each embroidery has been an important part of ritual and represents the link that the person has with their lineages and ethnicities through time.These beautiful garments are complemented with colorful jewelry that you can also find in Aquismón.

Additionally, due to the mysticism of the region, we recommend that you look for some of the traditional herbs that can surely help you to have better health and more emotional balance.

Other products you can buy in the area are delicious coffee, vanilla and flavored liqueurs.

You can find all these products and much more in La Mora Craft Market, located a few meters from the main plaza.

Folk Art in San Luis Potosí

Handicrafts in Ciudad Valles

Here you will find a wide variety of handicrafts, since saddlery, pottery, carpentry and basketry products are made.

The artisans of the region also make fabrics, bedspreads, tablecloths and mantillas of fine thread, palm chairs and ropes.

Of course, you will also find a wide variety of items with the typical tenek embroidery such as dolls, caps, hats, bags and various garments.

Handicrafts in Escalerillas

Escalerillas is a town near the capital of the state that works the pink quarry, making ornamental pieces such as fountains, sculptures, etc.

Handicrafts in Matlapa

Matlapa produces traditional toys and musical instruments like violins and guitars.

Handicrafts in Moctezuma

Moctezuma is known for its cotton tablecloths and napkins.

Handicrafts in Real de Catorce

In Real de Catorce you will find a wide variety of regional handicrafts, but it is mainly known for those made by the Huichols with beads and yarns. They have become internationally famous for their striking colors and themes that invite to reflection. In the yarn paintings with the dreamlike landscapes the artists tell their stories, myths, and record the sacred visions of the Huichol.

Other pieces made with beads are also famous, such as masks, necklaces, earrings, crosses and animal representations, among others.

Additionally, due to the surrounding mines, crafts made with pyrite, quartz and copper are also an attractive purchase.

Good quality wooden instruments are produced in Real de Catorce, so if you like music, you can buy these items at good prices.

This Magical Town also offers mystical products such as dream catchers made with eagle or hawk feathers, some amulets and aromatic herbs, as well as mesquite honey.

Along the main street you will find several shops offering all these items and much more.


Handicrafts in Rioverde

Rioverde manufactures backpacks and boots, as well as reed baskets and huacalillo palm furniture.

Handicrafts in the city of San Luis Potosí

In the City of San Luis Potosí you will find gorgeous Christ on the cross hand carved in Mahogany wood. There are other wooden pieces such as huastecas dolls and carts, as well as pieces of porous clay that are painted by hand.

Other products that can be purchased are leather goods, Huastec dolls, wool blankets, modern gold and silver jewelry and wrought iron items, among others. Other products that can be purchased are leather items, wool blankets, modern gold and silver jewelry, and wrought iron work.

In the Casa del Artesano you can buy all kind of crafts.

Handicrafts in Santa María del Río

The tradition of weaving rebozos (shawls) has been passed down from generation to generation. The Otomi implemented the "ikat" technique, which consists of tying and grouping the threads, in addition to the waist loom technique with a wide variety of strokes, sizes, and drawings.

Here natural silk shawls are made in family workshops with a unique variety and color. A piece can take more than three weeks of work, since they are fine threads that are woven with great care.

Without a doubt, the rebozos are the best souvenirs you can buy.

You can also visit some of the workshops so you can learn more about the production process and you can choose between the traditional ball, five, half two, caramel, shell or arrow designs, among others.

Additionally, you can buy the famous marquetry works where woods from the region (mulberry, fig, palo escrito or cedar) are combined to form beautiful figures, combining woods of different colors and achieving beautiful motifs. One of these boxes will always be a nice memory and will beautify any place in your home.

A good option to buy a rebozo and in general all the handicrafts and regional products is the Casa del Rebozo which is located on Pascual M. Hérnández street.


Handicrafts in San Martín Chalchicuautla

In this town you will find beautiful red cedar furniture.

Handicrafts in Tampamolón

This village elaborates fantasy jewelry, backpacks, fans, mats and henequen bags.

Handicrafts in Tamuín

Tamuin manufactures wickerwork.

Handicrafts in Tancanhuitz

In Tancanhuitz you can find typical fabric produced on the waist loom, cross-stitch embroidery, wool and cotton with colorful threads, backpacks decorated with flowers, vegetal motifs, and the traditional quechquémel, a kind of cotton layer with embroidery of colors. You can also buy wooden masks and carved wooden furniture of very good quality.

Handicrafts in Xilitla

This magical town offers seed jewelry, clay figures and blackberry wood utensils.

There are also garments made of wool and pieces of red clay such as pots and casseroles, as well as various articles with the traditional tenek embroidery and beautiful shawls.

On Sundays you can buy these items and many more in its traditional market where nearby communities come to offer their products, not only handicrafts, but also some preserves and jams.