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Guanajuato has a strong artistic tradition manifested in its crafts, that is why you can find handicrafts in the 46 municipalities of the entity.

Its colorful works include quarry, ceramics, brass and many other materials.

Handicrafts in Acámbaro

Among the typical products of Acámbaro are costume jewelery, glazed pottery with its own design and embossed pieces.

The artisians also produce jorongos (a long blanket-like shawl) and sarapes, as well as some basketry products, as well as attractive jewelry.

However, the most traditional craft of this town are the sauces, traditional sweets such as cocadas, milk balls and jamoncillos and of course the famous Acámbaro bread (bread is made with a fermented dough decorated with a few slashes on top, then glazed before baking) sometimes dried fruits are added and there are several presentations.

Another option of the products that you can buy in this beautiful town are organic soaps.

Folk Art in Guanajuato

Handicrafts in Celaya

If you like sweets in Celaya you will find a true paradise. This place has become famous internationally for the elaboration of cajeta (slow-cooked Mexican caramel sauce made with goat's milk). Cajeta can be found in several flavors (primarily caramel or quemada (plain), pine nut, strawberry, wine flavor and other original flavors.

In addition, you can also find other sweets such as jamoncillos (milk fudge made with milk, brown sugar, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract), obleas (light brown-colored wafers characterized by their round shape), cocadas (coconut based Candy) and marinas (taffy balls covered in walnuts).

The artisans also produce other crafts like: cartonería (uses simple materials of paste, cardboard, and paper to create a diverse array of products) is a tradition among celayense artisans. There are toys and articulated dolls, as well as many items that are used as part of Easter clothing such as helmets and swords.

A good place to buy handicrafts and typical Celaya sweets is Mercado Hidalgo.

Handicrafts in Comonfort

In Comonfort there is a large area with handicrafts shops where you can buy pots and pewter items. However, the town is famous for volcanic stone carved, some examples are figurines and the famous molcajetes (a mortar, a rounded container which is designed to be used with a pestle to grind food ingredients).

It is an art to prepare a good molcajete, since it is not only the design, but also the size and shape so that everything you prepare in the molcajete has a unique flavor.

You can visit a molcajete workshop and try to make one. This area is located at the north exit to San Miguel de Allende.

Additionally, you can purchase a wide variety of articles made with reeds such as baskets, sculptures, baskets, lamps and tortilla holders, among others. These pieces are produced mainly in the communities of Orduña and Orduña de Arriba.

Handicrafts in San Pedro de los Naranjos

The community manufactures various objects made of clay, such as fountains, lamps, vases and pots.


Handicrafts in Dolores Hidalgo

Dolores Hidalgo is well-known for its wonderful talavera pottery since the 18th century. Its Spanish-influenced earthenware and Talavera-type finish, on plates, jars and tiles, are highly appreciated abroad, as well as its hand-painted ceramics: crockery, tea sets, vases; and traditional pottery in the form of pots and pitchers.The most traditional and most popular color scheme remains blue-on-white, but some workshops also uses various shades of green, black, orange and brown, combining them in various ways.

In Dolores you will also find authentic rustic style furniture with different types of wood, including mesquite. There are magnificent chests, dining rooms, screens, doors, bedrooms, Spanish-style furniture, among others.

In this Magical Town you can also find basketry works such as: fans, baskets, cages and hats, as well as napkins and cotton backpacks woven on a waist loom.

If you want to buy these beautiful products you can visit Calle Porfirio Díaz where there are a large number of handicraft shops, or the Handicraft Market.

In recent years, the winemaking tradition has grown in this area, so you could also look for a good wine from the region to take with you as a souvenir of your unforgettable trip to Guanajuato.


Handicrafts in Guanajuato

There are workshops of international prestige where the manufacture of authentic majolica and traditional pottery such as jars, plates, spice racks, count bowls and basins.

In shops all around the city downtown you can buy traditional silver and gold jewelry. You can find gorgeous and unique silverware, neckless and earrings. Other handcrafts are woolen fabrics, clay and brass utensils, wood carvings, blown glass and typical Mexican toys such as trompos (a top which is spun by winding a length of string around the body, and launching it so that lands spinning on its point.), yoyos and baleros (wooden stick and a colorful wooden barrel with a hole in its base joined by a strong string).

In the city of Guanajuato there are also beautiful pieces of stonework, as well as colorful papier mache pieces.

Another of the typical products of the city of Guanajuato are the coconut and peanut charamuscas in the shape of mummies.

Handicrafts in Irapuato

In this city you can find attractive handicrafts with natural stones and minerals, as well as pieces of jewelry.

Irapuato is known as "The World Capital of Strawberries", so you will find strawberries in all its presentations.

We recommend you to try the crystallized strawberries, the enchiladas strawberries and the incomparable chocolate covered strawberries.Te recomendamos no dejara de llevar las fresas cristalizadas, las fresas enchiladas y las incomparables fresas cubiertas de chocolate.

Handicrafts in Jalpa de Cánovas

This Magical Town is known for the polychrome wooden masks, as well as colorful basketry that includes fans, baskets, tortilla holders and much more.

It is also worth considering products made from quince like jelly, artisan cajeta (thick caramel sauce made with goat's milk), and some fruit liqueurs.

Handicrafts in León

In León you can find handicrafts from all over the state. However, it is known as a place where you can buy very good cutlery and blacksmith works such as swords, machetes, knives and bars, among others.

You can also buy bags that incorporate palm fabrics with very attractive designs.

León is known for is its leather work, especially shoes, although there are also belts, bags, wallets, suitcases and jackets.

Handicrafts in Mineral de Pozos

The most traditional crafts in this Magical Town are the dolls dressed in their typical costume, you can find them with clothes from all over the country, and even some with clothes from other countries. The detail and the mastery in the suits is amazing.

Other products of the region are silver jewelry and pre-Hispanic instruments.

You can also buy a wide variety of typical sweets such as quince and guava paste, amaranth palanqueta, coconut candy, la borrachita, xoconoshtle candy, xoconoshtle syrup, tamarind candy and garambullo (endemic cactus).


Handicrafts in Pénjamo

The nearby towns carry out various crafts such as Guanguitiro, known for the production of rustic wool blankets, Corral de Piedra, with a variety of pottery workshops, Magallanes, with frayed works, and Tlacuache, specialized in molcajetes.The nearby towns carry out various crafts such as Guanguitiro, known for the production of rustic wool blankets, Corral de Piedra, with a variety of pottery workshops, Magallanes, with frayed works, and Tlacuache, specialized in molcajetes.

Handicrafts in Salamanca

Salamanca has a great variety of handicrafts, here you can find basketry, silverware, fraying, flaked wax, bronze items, wood carving, palm leaf masks, wool weaving, decorative candles, rag dolls in costumes and pre-Hispanic musical instruments.

There are many workshops that you can visit to learn more about the making of all these beautiful items.

However, perhaps what Salamanca is best known for is its spectacular Christmas nativity scenes made with wax figures.

Other products that you can buy in Salamanca are delicious nopal or xoconoxtle jams.

All these attractive handicrafts can be found at the Casa de Artesanías in the Plazoleta Hidalgo.

Handicrafts in Salvatierra

Salvatierra offers a colorful and varied handicraft that includes frayed, embroidered tablecloths and napkins, costume jewelry, papier-mâché figures, and the glazed and unglazed pottery, among others.

Other irresistible products in Salvatierra are homemade sauces, chocolate, rompope (an eggnog-like drink made with eggs, milk, and vanilla flavouring), obleas (wafers) and gorditas de nata (sweet treat that looks very similar to an English muffin) from the Capuchinas convent.

A good option to buy handicrafts is Aztlán, the Casa de Artesanos and the Tianguis Artesanal.

Handicrafts in San José Iturbide

The artisans of this town have specialized in making traditional toys that include rag dolls, wooden puzzles, and colorful trompos (spinning tops) and yoyos.

You can also find decorative candles, ceramic tableware, jewelry, colorful basketry, embroidered pieces and frayed.

Other handicrafts you find here are wooden boxes, artistically decorated clay tiles, and colorful sandals.

On your trip to San José Iturbide you can also purchase products related to honey such as pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and honey soaps and creams.

Handicrafts in San Miguel Allende

Local crafts include metalwork, papier-mâché, blown glass, stained glass, furniture, and ceramics. In this last item there are magnificent bases and tableware with designs and colors that make them unique.

Perhaps the most typical products are lamps, mirrors and traditional embossed stars.

San Miguel Allende has a diversity of galleries where you can be surprised by the collections of antiques and works of art.

Decorative candles have become one of the typical products of San Miguel, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and traditional, modern, or contemporary designs. They are all handmade with good quality products.

Just a ten-minute walk north of the city downtown is La Aurora Factory, a former 19th-century textile factory transformed into an art and design center, with artist studios, galleries, and furniture stores.

Another product that you should not forget to take back home is a good wine, since in the area there are several vineyards, wineries and tasting rooms. You can enjoy a tour and the excellent wines recognized both nationally and internationally.

Handicrafts in Yuriria

It is a place to buy mats and tule fiber blowers, cross-stitch, hook and raffia fabrics, embroidery, footwear and leather crafts.

They also do excellent basketry work with natural fibers.