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Artesanías en Oaxaca

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Puebla has an ancient tradition of craftsmanship and its share of high-quality items. The traditions along with the immense creativity of its craftsmen have resulted in products that have achieved world renown as the talavera considered to be the finest of Mexico's pottery traditions, textiles, Christmas ornaments, and onix products, among others.

Handcrafts in Amozoc

In the village there are several family workshops producing pottery, blacksmith, talavera and silverware.

Handcrafts in Atlixco

In Atlixco you will find natural and polychrome pottery, as well as talavera, basketry, embroidered shirts and candles.

There is a Craft Market with a wide selection of artisan and organic products such as honey, coffee and homemade sauces.

Additionally, you can visit the Kankenami Organic Artisan Market where you can find leather goods, jewelry, ceramics, and wood.

Folk Art in Puebla

Handcrafts in Cañada Morelos

Cañada Morelos produces beautiful clay crafts such as pots with four ears, as well as wrought iron and wood furniture.

You will also find manta clothing, wooden figures and beautiful silver necklaces and bracelets. The “pochote” small house-like sculptures made with thorns, the teponaztles (pre-Hispanic drums) and rain sticks are some of the most representative crafts of this town.


Handcrafts in Ciudad Serdán

This town produces rustic furniture, leaded glass windows, footwear and wrought iron.

Handcrafts in Cuauhtinchan

Cuauhtinchan produces carved marble objects, as well as onyx items.

Handcrafts in Chignahuapan

This town produces red clay vases, casseroles, pots, plates and trays. Most of these pieces come from a nearby community called Ixtlahuaca.

You can also find wool jorongos (traditional Mexican garment used to cover from the rain and cold) made on waist looms, as well as blankets and capes.

Being in a wooded area, the artisians use the wood to produce many items such as napkin rings, key rings, toys and picture frames, as well as artistic furniture.

However, it is famous for the beauty and variety of hand-painted, blown glass spheres and its Christmas decorations.

We recommend that you visit some of the workshops so that you can learn more about how the spheres are made and of course you can buy some of these beautiful pieces.

A good place to buy all these handicrafts is the Centro Artesanal Maravillas de Chignahuapan.

Handcrafts in Cholula

This Magic Town has several Talavera workshops offering different ítems like: tiles, dishes, vases, dinnerware, pots and pans.

All over the town you will also find red clay items such as beautiful trees of life and tableware.

Other products that you can buy are beautiful embroidered garments, basketry items such as napkin rings, individual tablecloths and bags, as well as original jewelry and hats.

The Xelhua Artisan, Cultural and Gastronomic Center offers all this crafts, as well as all the picturesque shops linning Avenida Miguel Hidalgo.

Handcrafts in Cuetzalan

Cuetzalan boasts a huge variety of handcrafted textiles, both white cotton garments, artisela thread and wool, as well as those made on a waist loom such as sarapes, shawls, jorongos (poncho, cloak that resembles a blanket with a hole in the middle for the head), cambayas (a rustic, hand-woven cotton made on wooden pedal looms fabric), napkins, curtains and shawls.

You can also find beautiful wooden works such as furniture, cedar crosses, drums, teponaxtles, rattles, flutes, cages, violins and masks. However, the most representative pieces of this fascinating town are the miniature figures that have received national and international recognition.

In the Magical Town you can buy hats and baskets, as well as beautifully crafted beeswax candles.

As for jewelry, the creative hands of women from the mountain town create beautiful pieces with grains.

The Matachiuj Handicraft Market is an ideal place to acquire handicrafts, as well as the Sunday tianguis and other specialized stores.

Handcrafts in Huauchinango

Huauchinango artisans have sought to preserve their culture and traditions and they are reflected in the handcrafts.

In this Magical Town you will find beautiful red clay creations, such as Noah's arks, trees of life and many other original pieces.

The community of artisians produces unique textiles with beautiful embroidery such as blouses, tangle skirts, girdles, jorongos (garment to cover itself of the rain and the cold), shawls and quechquemetl (traditionally handwoven on a backstrap loom).

In Huauchinango there are unique jewelry, using products such as walnut and coconut shells, as well as coffee seeds, tamarind, cinnamon flower and many other organic raw materials.

Other handicrafts that you will find in this Magical Town are wooden products such as toys, chess games, kitchen items and attractive furniture.

You can also find amate paper and vases, fruit bowls and reed pots.


Handcrafts in Huaquechula

Huaquechula artisans make candles and tin objects.

Handicrafts in Hueyapan

This town is famous for its beautifully hand made wool textiles considered true works of art. They are made with a waist loom and dyed with natural dyes.


Handcrafts in Izucar de Matamoros

Izúcar de Matamoros has the tradition of hand-painted cardboard dolls, used in Easter celebrations. You will also find rebozos, handpainted polychrome ceramics like trees of life and catrinas, and jewelery such as necklaces, rosaries and bracelets.


Handicrafts in Jantetelco

Jantetelco produces miniature “Cuexcomates” a kind of traditional building for storing grain, as well as other pieces of clay.


Handcrafts in Mozoc

In this town you can find silver horse spurs and key rings, as well as pottery.


Handcrafts in Pahuatlán

The town has specialized in the production of amate paper, a tradition that dates back to pre-Hispanic times.

The community of San Pablito is located 20 minutes from Pahuatlán, and here the Hñahñu ethnic group of Otomí origin has preserved the ancestral way of producing paper.

Although the town is famous for the amate paper, you can also find traditional embroidery and beautiful bead work, such as jewelry, hats, and decorative items.

Handcrafts in Pantepec

This community has the fame of producing the most beautiful quexquémitl made by artisans who specialise in backstrap weaving using wool, beside they are decorated with colorful embroidery in the form of spirals and frets.

Handcrafts in the city of Puebla

Puebla is not only the capital of the state, but also the capital of Talavera, a traditional technique that dates back to the 16th century characterized by the white base and colorful designs, although the blue color is generally used.

Puebla also has an enormous tradition in the elaboration of furniture and the wood carving figures, many of them of a religious type and of course various textiles.

El Parían, is a popular market built in 1801, located in Plaza de San Roque. It has more than 100 stores where you can buy handicrafts from all over the state.

The Barrio del Artista (Artist neighborhood) is a pleasant pedestrian promenade with several handicraft stalls and in the plaza you can see the artists creating their paintings.

In the Plazuela de los Sapos (Alley of the Toads) is a popular street and square in the historic center of Puebla city and an ideal place for collectors and art lovers. Along with the antique shops, the street offers outdoor entertainment on weekends.

Handcrafts in Tecali

This town is considered one of the most important producers of Onyx or Alabaster items in the country. You can find bracelets, table games, ashtrays, crosses and necklaces, among others. Sometimes marble is incorporated into their designs, and the result is the creation of unique pieces.


Handcrafts in Tehuacán

In Tehuacan you can also find a wide variety of handicrafts that reflect the mixture of Spanish and indigenous traditions and customs.

There are beautiful pieces made with onyx such as: chess boards and pieces, paperweights and ashtrays, among many other options. 

You also will find colorful embroidered garments, as well as original jewelry.

Some cabinetry products are also made here, especially rosewood, as well as some wooden toys.

In Caltepec, a town located in the Tehuacán Valley, beautiful basketry pieces are made, including bags, baskets, individual tablecloths, decorative pieces, nativity scenes, and hats with unique colors and designs.

A very good option to buy works from all over the state is the Xochipilli Handicraft Market.


Handcrafts in Tetela de Ocampo

Handcrafts in Tetela de Ocampo

In this Magical Town fabric artists produce mainly wool fabrics using pedal looms. You will find cotones (a garment worn by the indigenous people of the region), sarapes (a long blanket-like shawl/cloak) and cotorinas, which are garments made of natural brown wool with decorative motifs, such as horse heads, deer, horseshoes, hats and Aztec fretwork, among others.

The artisians of this town also produce palm weaves, reed work and wooden spoons.

On a Sunday morning the central plaza is filled with market stalls, it is the perfect for purchasing souvenirs and gifts. Here you will find palm-woven mats and backpacks, woolen fabrics, as well as wines and fruit liqueurs.


Handcrafts in Teziutlán

Some of the most famous crafts produce in this town are the gourds decorated with very colorful motifs, as well as floral arrangements made with seeds, dried pine cones and dried flowers.

You will also be able to find some beautiful ceramic products, leather pieces such as embroidered belts and saddles.

In the House of Culture you can find a good variety of handicrafts made by Teziutecos.

Handcrafts in Tlatlauquitepec

In this Magical Town you can buy beautiful and colorful handicrafts. It is characterized by its valuable work done by hand by local artists, as well as by the use of its natural resources.

Here you can buy pieces made with natural fibers such as jar, cane, bamboo, vejuco and rod. Creations include hampers, baskets, bags and much more.

You will also find incredible shawls, huipiles (a tunic-like garment made by stitching together pieces of cloth commonly made from cotton), napkins, and other garments made with cotton d and sheep's wool dyed in bright colors.

As for the wood carving, there are an infinity of figures that include various animals and toys, all beautifully made.

Other crafts from this Magical Town are candles with floral decorations that are used for ceremonial reasons and some magnificent pieces of goldsmithing that have become known internationally.

You can buy a wide variety of products at the Casa del Artesano Cerro Rojo. Additionally, every Sunday there is a market in the main square where you can buy these products and many more.

Handcrafts in Xicotepec

Xicotepec a land of rituals and coffee, so most of the crafts are made with coffee seeds like: necklaces, bracelets and other jewelery.

Linen and cotton garments with beautiful embroidery are also offered, as well as magnificently decorated pieces such as colorful cushions.

Additionally, you will find objects made of flagstones, river stones and carved wood, as well as attractive ceramic figures.

This Magical Town will surprise you with its leather products such as belts and a wide variety of footwear with original and colorful designs.

Xicotepec is an important coffee producer, so you can buy several varieties of quality coffee.

Handcrafts in Zacapoaxtla

In this town you will find leather products such as belts and bottle covers as well as pieces of carved wood, palm baskets and works with wax.

The artisians alse create nice flower arrangements made with palm leaves and tin, as well as beautiful rustic furniture with an excellent finish and beautiful Talavera pieces.

Other options that Zacapoaxtla offers are woolen garments and blouses and dresses with incredible embroidery.

Handcrafts in Zacatlán

This Magical Town offers various clothing items such as embroidered dresses and blouses, headbands, jorongos (a long blanket-like shawl/cloak), vests, huipiles (traditional garment worn by indigenous women), shawls, and wool quexquémetl (an indigenous garment created to be placed on top of the huipil).

You can also buy bead crafts as necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Other options are clay utensils such as pots, pots, jugs and plates, or wooden pieces such as spoons, rollers, massage objects and toys, among others. They also make beautiful chandeliers, chests and cedar furniture that will surprise you.

You will find molcajetes and metates, including some miniatures that are used to make bracelets and earrings, as well as ixtle (a natural fiber that comes from a variable of maguey) and ceramic objects such as pots, vases and other decorative pieces.

In Zacatlán there are attractive hats, sandals and a wide variety of objects made from ixtle, palm and reed.

An unmissable experience in this Magical Town is to visit the various workshops to learn more about the production process and learn to appreciate more the magnificent work of all these artists.