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Caribbean Beaches

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Beaches in Mar de Cortés

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Pacific Ocean Beaches

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Gulf of Mexico Beaches

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Caribbean Beaches

Mar de Cortés Beaches

Pacific Ocean Beaches

Caribbean Beaches

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Beaches in Mar de Cortés

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Pacific Ocean Beaches

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Gulf of Mexico Beaches

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Located just 387 km from Morelia and now easily accessible via a new highway.

The Costa Michoacana is a region that offers a "magical" blend of culture and nature, reflected in archaeological remains, indigenous communities, and stunning beaches.

There are beaches with gentle waves, perfect for swimming and relaxing, as well as open-sea beaches with strong waves year-round, ideal for surf enthusiasts. 

Moreover, from June to March, three species of turtles—Laud, Golfina, and Negra—nest on these coasts. The 250 kilometers of coastline in the state boast a horizon of bays, cliffs, and lush vegetation where you can admire thousands of coconut palms, mango, papaya, and banana orchards, along with countless bird species.

The most important city on the coast is Lázaro Cárdenas, and some of its attractions include the Municipal Palace, the Cathedral of Christ the King, the Fishermen's Pier, the Balsas River Promenade, and La Villita Dam.

Michoacan Beaches

Barra de Nexpa

A place to enjoy adventure and nature, ideal for surfing.

The beach is protected by a large number of coconut palms and offers rustic cabin services and camping areas.

International surfing tournaments take place here, and you can also practice kayaking.

Barra de Pichi

Located close to Playa Azul, this area offers boat rides and the chance to enjoy tasty "pescado a la talla," fish roasted over mangrove wood, giving it a unique flavor.

It's an excellent place to enjoy nature and relax. There are some rustic hotels and palapas (thatched huts).


Barra del Tigre

A beautiful freshwater lagoon with rich fauna and flora, ideal for birdwatching.

On its coast, you can find Betula, a small vessel that ran aground in 1993 and has become an artificial reef.


Caleta de Campos

The bay is a calm water mirror ideal for swimming and water sports, as well as camping.

There are some bungalows and rustic restaurants offering typical dishes.

As it is a less-visited place, you may have the chance to see black and green iguanas, as well as some caimans. Among the birds, you may spot parakeets, parrots, and macaws.

Caletilla Mexcalhuacán

Located in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, this charming beach offers tranquility and is perfect for camping.

There are several informal restaurants that offer delicious lobster.


An extensive beach with strong waves, where you can find the finest crafts of the coast, including pottery and wooden pieces, as well as textiles.

There is a small stopover where you can camp and an eco-museum dedicated to sea turtles.


Faro de Bucerías (Lighthouse)

In the bay, there is a lighthouse and a small rocky island connected to the beach by a sand path.

On the coast, you can find the remains of a shipwreck turned into an artificial reef, contrasting with waters that range from turquoise blue to dark blue.

Ideal for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. You can enjoy the local cuisine based on fish and seafood and rest in some huts with hammocks.


A long beach where approximately 30,000 turtles come to nest from August to September each year.

It is one of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches in the area, with camping facilities available.

There are palapas and cabins for accommodation.

La Llorona

A beautiful untouched beach surrounded by rocks, where a large number of birds nest, making it a perfect spot for camping in a secluded place. It is located in a small bay where you can admire numerous rocks.

Its name comes from the fact that when you step on the sand, it "cries" due to its high compression, releasing water.

It is one of Michoacán's lesser-known gems and another beach where sea turtles come to nest. There are huts available to set up tents or hammocks.

La Manzanillera

A beautiful beach with calm waters spanning over 200 meters. It has restaurants where you can taste delicious lobsters.

You can camp there, and there are some cabins that offer all the amenities.

In June and July, you can admire the arrival of thousands of seabirds, a unique spectacle.


La Soledad

A small beach bordered by cliffs.This is the place to taste the best shrimp dishes in the area at one of its rustic restaurants.

Every year on Palm Sunday, the final Sunday of Lent, the Expo-Arena festival is held here, featuring sand sculptures, traditional dances, and art and craft exhibitions.

There is an exhibition of archaeological remains found beneath the sand.


La Ticla

This beach is characterized by its lush vegetation and is ideal for surfing due to its strong waves.

It offers cabins, parking areas for RVs, and camping zones.

Every year, the International Surfing Tournament takes place on Palm Sunday.

Las Peñas

This beach marks the beginning of the rocky coast that extends for several kilometers with stunning cliff landscapes.

Every year, the "Las Peñas" tourist gathering takes place with exhibitions of paintings, photography, crafts, gastronomic displays, traditional music, and a beach volleyball tournament.

It is located 37 km from Lázaro Cárdenas.

Lázaro Cárdenas

It is the second most important commercial port in Mexico, with good tourist infrastructure, surrounded by several natural attractions.

The area enjoys a pleasant tropical climate and serves as the starting point to explore all the beautiful beaches of Michoacán.

You can take an interesting ride in the estuaries and look for crocodiles, or explore the city, stroll along its wide boardwalk, and enjoy its incredible gastronomy.


To reach this unique landscape, considered the most beautiful beach in Michoacán, you pass through a rural village and dense vegetation until you reach an open space with a river flowing into the sea. It is a beach with gentle waves and turquoise waters, consisting of three bays that offer different types of waves.

The lagoons formed by the joining of fresh and saltwater are home to a wide variety of birds, such as seagulls, flamingos, white herons, cormorants, ibises, pelicans, and others. There are rustic cabins and camping areas available.

Palma Sola

A tranquil beach where you can take boat rides, fish, and camp. You can also practice diving and snorkeling.

It offers pleasant and comfortable cabins, as well as an elevated cliff from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Michoacán coast.

This beach is visited by three turtle varieties: Golfina, Laud, and Negra.

Playa Azul

This wide strip of soft sand faces the open sea and is surrounded by abundant vegetation.

It's a great spot for surfing. In October, during "the month of the sea turtle," you can witness turtle releases and enjoy the festival with craft exhibits and traditional dances.

There are some hotels, bungalows, and simple cabins available.


A small beach surrounded by three cliffs, with calm waters known as "The marine pool on the Michoacán coast"; it is one of the most beautiful in the state.

Excellent for swimming and enjoying boat rides through its beautiful caves.

You can snorkel and fish in its waters.

Playa Jardín y Eréndira

With abundant palm trees, these beaches are ideal for enjoying beautiful sunsets and savoring fresh seafood.

These beaches are perfect for relaxation and admiring incredible sunsets. Swimming is not recommended due to strong waves.

There are rustic restaurants offering local snacks and shrimp, which is a specialty of the region.

San Juan de Alima

A nearly flat beach, resembling a pool where you have to venture far into the water to feel the waves.

At high tide, the beach almost disappears, while during low tide, there are almost 50 meters of beach.

It has lush vegetation and abundant exotic birds. There are small hotels and palapas.

A beautiful beach surrounded by lush vegetation and offering an excellent variety of typical dishes.

It is an ideal place for camping.

Villa Dorada

A beach with strong waves and moderate slopes.

It houses a camp dedicated to the conservation of turtles.


Diving in Michoacán

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