Caribbean Beaches

Pacific Ocean Beaches

Caribbean Beaches

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Beaches in Mar de Cortés

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Pacific Ocean Beaches

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Gulf of Mexico Beaches

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Caribbean Beaches

Mar de Cortés Beaches

Pacific Ocean Beaches

Caribbean Beaches

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Beaches in Mar de Cortés

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Pacific Ocean Beaches

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Gulf of Mexico Beaches

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La Playita

The closest beach to the town, La Playita is not recommended for swimming.

This beach is the home of La Playa Sportfishing, the local cooperative Fishing Fleet, and there is a lot of activity, especially in the mornings.

Playa Hotelera

This is not a place for swimmers due to the dangerous currents.

Along this stretch you will find most of the luxury hotels that give the area its well-deserved fame as a tourist haven.


Playa Del Medano

It is the main beach of Cabo San Lucas.

One of the great people watching spots in the world, it is also ideal for those who are passionate about swimming, sailing, waterskiing, and simply having fun.

You will have all the gear you need at your disposal for rental, along with a wide variety of restaurants and bars. Take a horseback ride and enjoy the landscapes of this beach.


Playa del Amor

A tiny secluded cove at the very end of the peninsula, Lovers’ Beach can be reached only by water.

Bask in the sun and swim to your heart’s content, but be extremely cautious, particularly on the side of the Pacific, where currents can be treacherous.

When the low tide uncovers the rocks, take a walk under the natural rock Arch you will never forget.

Playa del Divorcio

Located on the Pacific side of Lover's Beach.

On this beach you can not swim because the strong currents, but it is excellent to relax.


Playa Solmar

A beautiful and wide beach, with a dangerous surf with a swift undertow.

It is an excellent option for whale watching in the winter.

Due to its strong waves it is a good spot for surfing.


Playa El Faro Viejo

Sometimes this beach is inaccessible, but the unique experience worth the effort.

Several shops rent four wheel (ATV's) All Terrain Vehicles for the trip and offer guided outings to this impressive beach.

Towering sand dunes built by often powerful winds off the Pacific Ocean offer incredible views.



Playa Monumentos

A small beach good for surfing but not for beginners.

It is the closest surf to Cabo San Lucas, just a few miles out of town.

Also from this beach you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of El Arco.

Playa Barco Varado

The wreckage of a Japanese freighter remains on the rocks of this beach area.

Now, the wreck provides a unique backdrop for the "Ocean" holes at the Jack Nicklaus Cabo del Sol course. The beach offers no facilities, but its powerful waves will delight surfers.

You can also practice snorkeling but be careful, because of the currents.

Playa Twin Dolphin (Playa Las Viudas)

If you are looking for privacy, there are several secluded spots you will love at Twin Dolphin Beach.

This is a perfect place to relax and have a picnic but not for swimming.

Playa Santa María

Santa María Bay is a protected marine sanctuary, so bring along a bag of bread and feed the colorful tropical fish.

This is an excellent place for relaxing.

It is one of the very best spots for snorkeling. Don’t miss it!

Bahía de Chileno

A great beach for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. It offers some of the best snorkeling and diving opportunities in the area.

From here you can kayak along the coast and enjoy the landscapes of Los Cabos.

El Tule Beach

A secluded sandy stretch of beach.

Sometimes is a good spot for surf.

Playa Cabo Real

A deserted beach.

It is ideal if you are looking for a quiet solitude.

On this beach there is a beautiful tourist development that includes a golf course.

Playa La Concha

A small rocky cove with nice beach.

Here you will find a swimming pool, tide pools, showers, palapa, bar and restaurant.

Playa Buenos Aires

This is a mile long beach.

Good for horseback riding or whale watching in the months of January to March.

Playa Acapulquito

If you love to swim and surf, here you will be in heaven. Acapulquito is a good beach for swimming, but the strong waves will also let you ride the surf to your heart’s content.

There are some qualified surf instructors offering private and group surfing lessons, shops and bars.

Playa Palmilla

It is surrounded by captivating landscapes and is famous for its great beauty, blue waters and white sand.

In the northern side, you will find a multitude of boats and services to practice water sports, plus a picturesque sight you will not want to miss. This cove is also perfect to relax, kayaking, snorkeling and diving.

Palmilla offers facilities and diving gear for rental. A beautiful golf course is located on this beach.

Playa Costa Azul

This is the world famous surf break. Stretch out on the sand of one of the most beautiful beaches in the Los Cabos area and get a glorious suntan. Then, go for a swim in the clear, warm waters.

Camping grounds, casual restaurants, a surf shop and a convenience store. What more could you ask for?

In addition, you can enjoy a horseback riding in this beautiful beach.


Playas Punta Gorda y La Fortuna

Both are pristine beaches.

They have strong waves, recommended only for surfing and fishing.

Playa La Ribera

Located north of San José del Cabo.

Considered one of the best spots in the North Pacific for windsurfing.

Playas Buenavista y Barriles

These two beaches are an excellent choice if you want to camp.

They offer a pleasant landscape and are a place that invites you to relax.

Playa Arbolitos

This small beach is just 5 km away from Cabo Pulmo.

It's a beautiful secluded beach with palapas where you can sit and relax while enjoying these stunning landscapes.

It's ideal for swimming and snorkeling, as it has a maximum depth of 14 meters.


Diving in Los Cabos

Kayak in Los Cabos