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Caribbean Beaches

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Beaches in Mar de Cortés

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Pacific Ocean Beaches

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Caribbean Beaches

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Pacific Ocean Beaches

Caribbean Beaches

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Beaches in Mar de Cortés

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Pacific Ocean Beaches

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Gulf of Mexico Beaches

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Playa Blanca

It is located down the coast from Zihuatanejo.

It is an intact wide-sandy beach and the medium to high waves of the open sea.

Casual restaurants are the main attraction here.

Playa Larga

Larga means “long,” and rightly so, since it is 1.6 miles, making it the longest beach in this area.

Located in the southern side of Zihuatanejo, the open sea beach has medium to high waves and many casual seafood restaurants.

It is a place to enjoy tranquility and relaxation, as well as for horseback riding.

Playa la Madera

Get to the smallest beach in Zihuatanejo Bay by car, or walk there along a narrow trail carved on the rock, known as Fishermen’s Walk Extension.

With soft waves, this beach is ideal for swimmers, sunthbathing and boogie board.

The beach is lined with small restaurants and hotels.

Playa Manzanillo

Located in the southern area of Zihuatanejo, this very secluded beach is hard to reach by land.

You can take a tour, since there is no security around it.

But, if you like snorkeling or diving, this beach is a must. The coral reefs and rocks on both sides will provide the ideal place for a lot of underwater fun.  

Playa la Ropa

Named after a Spanish galleon that shipwrecked on a sand bank, leaving its shipment of precious silk and fine fabrics scattered along the coast, the most beautiful beach on Zihuatanejo Bay is just five minutes away from town.

Over a mile long, La Ropa has outdoor restaurants, hotels and water sports facilities. Take underwater photography classes or rent a boat with a cabin to go fishing.

You can also go horseback riding here, where the sky is the limit. There are areas with high waves where you can surf and other areas with calm waves ideal for swimming and other water activities such as banana boat rides.

Playa las Gatas

The name "Las Gatas" is not a reference to cats, but to the harmless nurse sharks that used to swim here. This lovely and secluded beach lies at the far end of Zihuatanejo Bay and is only accessible by "panga" (a small boat with a canopy). Rides run continuously until 17:00 hrs. from the Pier on Principal Beach.

Admire the wall King Calzontzin had built when he chose the area as a retreat for the royal family. The wall or “breakwater” makes the beach ideal for swimming or snorkeling since it has few waves, as well as for those who like to go underwater and explore.

The beach is also popular for its outdoor casual restaurants specializing in grilled lobster and other typical and exotic dishes of Guerrero, including iguana and armadillo.

Playa Principal

You can enjoy the landscape and its calm waters.

Considered the main beach in the area, Principal is right on the Bay, and is surrounded by the Fishermen’s Walk or “Paseo del Pescador,” where local fishermen keep their boats.

Next to the beach, you will find the Pier where you can take a boat and make the round trip to Las Gatas Beach, there are continuous trips until 18:00 hrs. Cruises also land here, and you can see the passengers coming ashore to tour the city.

Playa Riscalillo

With medium to high waves.

Riscalillo is a 15 minute drive from Zihuatanejo.


At the 1.2-mile stretch of white fine sand and warm waters, waves are usually moderate but can become quite strong.

The beach is in the hotel area and offers excellent facilities, including chaise lounges, lifeguard on duty, flag warnings indicating the prevailing surf conditions, gear rental for all kinds of water sports, typical palapas (thatched umbrella restaurants) and fine eateries.

It is known as the "Ixtapa Hotel Zone" since most of the main beachfront hotels are located there. From this beach you can see the islets of Los Morrros, which have become one of the icons of the destination. The part called "Las Escolleras", is a good spot for surfing.

Playa Linda

A 10-minute drive from the Ixtapa Hotel Zone, you will find Linda Beach, an ideal place to go horseback riding and practice water sports.

It is recommended for those who like swimming and you can also take a ride on jet skis, bananas or if you are more adventurous in a parachute. Facing the open sea but also next to a freshwater estuary, Linda Beach is home to many species of birds and iguanas. You will also see some alligators.

You will find shops selling crafts and a restaurant. From the pier you can take a “panga” to Ixtapa Island until 17:00 hrs.

Playa Quieta

At Quieta (meaning “quiet” in Spanish), north of Ixtapa, you will find calm waters across from Ixtapa Island.

Beach with calm waters ideal to practice swimming, kayaking, offshore windsurfing and some other water sports.

Near the beach there are restaurants to taste typical food, as well as some hotels. It is located in front of Isla Grande or also known as Isla de Ixtapa.


Isla Ixtapa or Isla Grande

It is a small islet surrounded by 4 beautiful and attractive beaches.

On all its beaches you can practice water sports. To get to Ixtapa Island it is necessary to take a boat from Playa Quieta, the journey takes 10 minutes.

You can also take a boat from the Zihuatanejo dock that will take you in 30 minutes. Both routes leave at 9:00 and return at 17:00 hrs.

Playa Carey

It is a rustic beach that does not have restaurants, palapas or any kind of services.

It is the ideal place to isolate and relax in the middle of a beautiful tropical landscape.

On its coasts there are beautiful corals with abundant marine life.

Playa Coral

Located south of the island and the most isolated of the four beaches on Ixtapa Island.

This beautiful beach with crystal clear waters offers numerous coral reefs and large schools of multicolored fish to divers.  

It has strong waves, so we recommend caution with any aquatic activity.

Playa Cuachalalate

The best place to swim and relax, this is the most popular beach on Ixtapa Island. Its name comes from the Cuachalalate tree, whose cortex has been used for centuries as a remedy for kidney problems, for skin irritations, circulatory problems and infections.

You will see visitors arrive on the shuttle boats, and there is a wide selection of outdoor palapa restaurants serving fresh fish.

The dive shop offers gear and facilities for divers. If you don’t have a lot of diving experience, this is the place to go. It has a pier where boats arrive from Playa Linda.

Playa Varadero

Located on Ixtapa Island, opposite Cuachalalate Beach, Varadero is a sandy beach where you can enjoy many water sports such as banana rides and windsurfing, and specially snorkeling because of the clear waters.

For its location it is an ideal place to relax sunbathing and for romance. There are also wonderful seafood restaurants and the beach is one of the favorite places to watch the gorgeous sunsets.

But if you are looking to pamper yourself, this is a very good option since relaxing massages are offered by the sea.   


Bahías de Papanoa

It has 20 kilometers of coastline where there are several bays and four beaches with different characteristics.

These beaches are: Ojo de Agua, Cayaquito, Puerto Vicente Guerrero and Piedra de Tlacoyunque. In the latter is located, on the seashore, a cavern inside a rock where the waves that crash form a small pool of crystalline waters, a unique landscape. 

Some of its virgin beaches are a true paradise where you can enjoy nature in a relaxed way.

The landscape is dominated by coconut palms and mango plantations. The Papanoa Bays offer comfortable hotels and several restaurants.

Barra de Potosí

The beach ends on the river outlet and turns into a lagoon during certain months, providing a casual, fun place to enjoy delicious seafood.

This is a small fishing village located at the end of Playa Blanca and on the shores of the Potosí Lagoon, home to several birds and a sanctuary for local wildlife.

Its long beach invites to morning walks or horseback riding during the sunset. There are several restaurants that offer delicious regional dishes. In front of the coast you will find the famous Morros de Potosí.

Laguna y Playa de Valentín

During the rainy season, the lagoon meets the sea.

Surrounded by lush vegetation, San Valentín offers an opportunity to watch for many tropical birds and visit the Sea Turtle Preservation Camp.

Playa Calvario

It is located 20 minutes from Petatlán, this extensive beach has various seafood restaurants.

Don’t be fooled by the small restaurants. The seafood is out of this world!


Playa la Barrita

A long beach, located 15 minutes from Petatlán, with the best waves to ride the surf in the area.

It also offers restaurants with a traditional ambiance and great seafood.


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