Caribbean Beaches

Pacific Ocean Beaches

Caribbean Beaches

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Beaches in Mar de Cortés

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Pacific Ocean Beaches

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Gulf of Mexico Beaches

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Caribbean Beaches

Mar de Cortés Beaches

Pacific Ocean Beaches

Caribbean Beaches

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Beaches in Mar de Cortés

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Pacific Ocean Beaches

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Gulf of Mexico Beaches

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A quiet beach located on the west side of the peninsula. It is a small, sheltered, often-deserted cove just down from La Quebrada. This beach is a great choice if you want to take a walk and watch the sunsets.

From there walk slightly uphill and around the bend where the amphitheater is and you will get the most awesome sight of the cliff divers.

Caleta and Caletilla are two small beaches, located away from most of the tourist traffic. These small beaches combine calm waters and great atmosphere.

Take the glass bottom boat to Roqueta, where you can rent snorkel gear and enjoy dozens of stands and restaurants serving snacks, seafood and refreshments.

The area has much to offer if you are seeking a sampling of traditional Mexico. You can rent equipment to snorkel, dive and practice other water activities such as Paddle Board and kayak.

Playa Roqueta y Marín

Both beaches are located in Roqueta Island. A walk to the top of the island will give you the most incomparable panoramic view of Acapulco Bay.

This island is also a great place for sun bathing, swimming or snorkeling. To get to the island you can take a glass bottom boat and enjoy the breathtaking tropical marine life along the way. It is just at a 10 minute boat-ride from Caleta Beach.

The first, is a beach with rustic restaurants and the second is a more hidden beach with beautiful emerald waters.

It is a small beach, approximately 100 m long.

This is a petite strip of sand beneath some spreading trees, lies south past the zócalo and the fishing boats.

Although it is not the best choice for swimming, you will be able to find many of the local fishermen, and enjoy some of the local folcklore.

This beach, approximately 701 m long, is located northwest of the bay of Santa Lucía in Old Acapulco.

It is the ideal place to watch the fishermen leave in the morning and take a long walk. It is a soft sand beach with mostly gentle waves surrounded by numerous palm trees, providing a tropical atmosphere.

It is ideal for practicing all kind of water sports. There are several restaurants and kiosks that offer handicrafts and beachwear at affordable prices.

Playa Hornos y Playa Hornitos

Both beaches are located near the center of Acapulco. They are wide beaches with large palm trees and several restaurants.

Hornitos is the beach where local fishermen gather very early, which gives it a very particular atmosphere.

Its waves are calm so they are for fun activities for the whole family. There are facilities for water sports and some hammocks.

It is located in the center of Acapulco Bay and is famous for its restaurants, beach clubs, and bars.

It is also one of the liveliest places to practice jet skiing and parasailing. It has moderate waves but you have to be careful when swimming in this area.

In front of the beach is El Farallón del Obispo, a large rock that is iconic in the landscape of the port.

Wide beach with calm waves, making it ideal for practicing any type of water sport.

You can also enjoy relaxing massages by the sea.

On this beach is the El Rollo water park.

Playa Pichilingue

It is a unique beach due to its beauty and calmness. Located on Puerto Marques, a beautiful bay where yachts come and anchor for the day and people enjoy water sports.

Fresh baby clams are served on the beach when in season. This beach is home of one of the finest hotels in Acapulco.

The beach is part of a fairly large bay of the same name. The entire beach is lined with restaurants serving up fresh seafood. Puerto Marques has calm waves great for water sports, like: swimming, snorkeling, water-skiing, jet skis, "banana boats" and parachute rides.

This strand is popular with Mexican tourists, so it tends to get crowded on weekends.


A wide strip of beach that is part of the area known as Acapulco Diamante.

This beach offers fairly rough waves ideal for surfing lovers, especially in summer, but a strong undertow makes swimming dangerous. Revolcadero is ideal for horseback riding. The beach has seen a recent explosion in luxury tourism and residential development.

It is ideal for a romantic walk, especially at sunset. Horseback riding and ATV tours are offered. It is only 4 km away is the Laguna de Tres Palos.

Playa Tres Vidas

It is a wide strip of beach that faces the open sea.

It is a surfers favorite for the big waves, but not very suitable for practicing water sports.

In this beach there is an exclusive 18-hole golf course, and you can play many holes along the coastline.

Located approximately 45 minutes north of Acapulco, it is a beautiful beach that stretches for 17 kilometers. It is a very extensive beach with extremely high and dangerous waves.

It is an unparalleled place to admire sunsets and is perfect for ecotourism enthusiasts as it connects with the Coyuca Lagoon, a beautiful body of water surrounded by mangroves. Various nature-related activities take place here, such as birdwatching and turtle release.

It is also a good spot for kayaking, wakeboarding, fishing, kneeboarding, boggie, and skiing. Taking a boat ride along the entire lagoon is a delightful experience.

On this beach, there are small hotels and numerous restaurants where you can taste the typical dishes of Pie de la Cuesta, such as ceviche, robalo Guerrero-style, lobster tacos, fish head broth, and vinegar-marinated octopus, among others.

Located 2 miles south of Barra Vieja, it is a quiet secluded beach where you can take long walks or enjoy horseback riding.


For adrenaline seekers, it has perfect waves for surfing. If you prefer relaxation, you can enjoy refreshing drinks and massages on this beach.

There are also pleasant restaurants that offer the region's specialty, "pescado a la talla."

You can take walks along the long beach or go horseback riding.

Barra Vieja

A long beach that stretches for several kilometers, surrounded by small restaurants that offer the delicious "pescado a la talla."

If you enjoy tasting raw fish and seafood, this is the ideal place, as there are even tanks with red snappers to choose the fish you want to savor.

It is a perfect spot for those seeking relaxation amidst a beautiful natural landscape. Moreover, it is one of the best options to enjoy stunning sunsets in Acapulco.

You can also enjoy pleasant horseback rides along the long beach.

It is located 27 km from the center of Acapulco.

It is a long stretch of beach ideal for enjoying the scenery.

It is a popular destination for nature admirers.

Here is where the Campamento Tortuguero is located, where you can participate in releasing baby turtles.


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