Senderismo en Hidalgo
Senderismo en Hidalgo

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Diving in Cozumel

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There is a a night hike can be a uniquely engaging sensory experience to the wishing tree. It is a perfect adventure to do with the family.

Beside to being fun, it is very attractive because torches are carried to light the way and stories and legends are told along the way.

Another option in this town is the "Nights of Legends", tour. This is a perfect opportunity to walk through the Magical Town visiting old houses and walk through its alleys knowing all the stories and curious facts of this unique place.

Prismas Basálticos (Basaltic Prisms)

The forests that surround the basaltic prisms also have trails that lead to this natural wonder.

Aguacatitla Canyon

It is located within the protected area of the beautiful Metztitlán Biosphere Reserve and you can discover landscapes and places as unique as the Tunnel of Bats.

This tunnel, when it was active, connected with the Coacoyuga Hydroelectric at the beginning of the 20th century and has now become the habitat of hundreds of insectivorous bats. Going through the tunnel takes about an hour and a half and the guides will give you interesting explanations of the characteristics and history of the place.

Leaving the tunnel you will have the opportunity to enjoy the semi-desert landscape and visit the ruins of the hydroelectric plant, as well as some orchards.

Hiking in Hidalgo

Montaña Viviente

It is an ecological park located just two hours from Mexico City in Acaxochitlán and offers guided walks and interpretive trails.

Several trails are marked in the park, but there is also the option of leaving the park and exploring the forest that surrounds it.


EcoAlberto Park

It is a beautiful place that is located at the bottom of a canyon in the middle of semi-desert landscapes.

In this place you can not only enjoy the landscape during the day, but also at night with a very unique and exciting hikes.

It has hot springs and you can enjoy many activities such as: kayaking, boat rides, rappelling, suspension bridges, camping and live the emotion of a zip line.


If you like history and traditions, you can tour this picturesque town and learn about cheese making. You will walk the cobblestone streets and you will be able to visit old haciendas. It is a journey of approximately 5 hours.

In addition to walking in the historic center, you will visit a blown glass and talavera factory to conclude at the Doxixhó dam.



This is a very interesting place where you will be able to learn more about the ancient cave paintings, you will visit the aqueduct that dates back to the 18th century and enjoy a panoramic view of Nimacú. The route has a medium level of difficulty, since it includes ups and downs on rocks, so it is for people with good physical condition.


Carboneras Ecotourism Recreational Park

It is located only 10 km. from Pachuca, in Mineral del Chico and offers interesting guided walks.

Parque Nacional del Chico

It has a visitor center at the entrance and here you can get information about the different options to explore the park. Here you can also hire expert guides.

It has several trails to the area of Chamusquina, or La Muela, passing through rocks of volcanic origin. In addition, it is distinguished from other options because there are camps equipped to accommodate adventurers who want to be in contact with nature.

Also in the municipality of Mineral del Chico there are two beautiful places ideal for hiking: Llano Grande and Valle de los Enamorados. The first consists of a wide expanse framed by mountains with pine and oak trees, as well as a beautiful lagoon.

Adjacent to Llano Grande is the Valle de los Enamorados, a small peak with peculiar rock formations and offers a spectacular panorama of the entire valley.

In the area known as Las Ventanas within the Parque Nacional del Chico, you can also explore all of its whimsical rock formations that receive various names due to their shapes, all surrounded by a beautiful landscape of oyameles, pines, and oaks.

Paraíso Escondido

It is one of the most beautiful streams in all of Hidalgo and is located in the municipality of Mineral el Chico, it runs through huge stones that form beautiful waterfalls in its path, making it a place that can be enjoyed walking on the banks of the stream surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.


Grutas de Tolantongo (Grotto)

It is a place with a unique natural beauty that includes hot springs and several trails that you can follow to learn more about the region.

Additionally, there are places for camping, several hotels, zip lines and places to rappel.

Xoxafi Caves

This is a place that offers trails full of fun and challenges. You can walk between rocks, in very narrow places, have to lay on your stomach, or climb leaning on ropes. But the reward is great since you get to several huge vaults where you can admire capricious rock formations.

The caves also have experiences such as rappelling and zip lining.


Peñas Cargadas

The Peñas Cargadas area, located just over half an hour from Pachuca, is a place worth visiting. Its name is due to the enormous and capricious shapes of the basalts.

Ex Molino de San Bernardo

The tour lasts approximately 6 hours and you cross landscapes of exuberant vegetation and walk along the banks of a river.

You will be accompanied by a guide who will tell you about the history of the place, specifically the old building dating from the eighteenth century.