Campismo en Hidalgo
Campismo en Hidalgo

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Diving in Cozumel

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Zembo Forest

It offers several camping areas as well as some comfortable cabins.

Sierra Verde

This is a complex with very good services for camping. If you visit the region, be sure to try the trout that is farmed in the middle of the forest.

Atezca Lagoon

One of the most beautiful places to camp is the Atezca Lagoon, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of coniferous forests. It is located 6 km northwest of Molango, along a local road.

Prismas Basálticos (Basaltic Prisms)

You can also camp near this beautiful place (Basaltic Prisms), one of the most famous natural wonders in the state.

El Banxú Ecotourism Center

It is located in Ixmiquilpan between the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Valle del Mezquital, it offers a beautiful landscape and camping areas. Here you can walk and enjoy bike tours.

Santa Elena Ranch

It is an ecotourism center with a forested landscape that covers more than 1,000 ha with beautiful bodies of water.

It has several camping areas and if you prefer something more comfortable, it also has some cabins.

Bike rentals are perfect for those who want to explore the natural wonders of the region. In addition, you can enjoy some other activities like kayaking, swimming and even venture into a small zip line.

Camping in Hidalgo


EcoAlberto Park

It is a unique place located at the bottom of a steep canyon surrounded by semi-desert landscapes.

It has large green areas for camping, outdoor dining, suspension bridges, zip lines and places to rappel.


El Chico National Park

The best option for camping in Hidalgo is El Chico National Park located just 16 km north of Pachuca.

It has tourist facilities that ensure that the visitor will have all the necessary services.

Specifically in El Cedral there is a beautiful dam where you can camp. It offers some services such as the sale of firewood for bonfires.

Other places within the park that are recommended for camping are: Dos Aguas Camp, Los Cedros Camp, Jaramillo Dam, El Milagro River, Valle las Ventanas and Valle de los Enamorados.

Peña La Tanda

Another very interesting option for camping is Peña La Tanda, located very close to the Magical Town of Mineral del Chico. Here you will find a challenging via ferrata for those who like adventure.


Grutas de Xoxafi (Grotto)

The caves are located between the mountains of the Mezquital Valley and in this area there are many options for camping.

Here you will also find cabins, zip lines and several options to practice rappelling.

Grutas de Tolantongo (Grotto)

It is one of the most beautiful places in the entire state and probably in all of Mexico.

Here you can also enjoy its famous hot springs with panoramic views of a beautiful wooded landscape. Additionally there are several trails to explore, zip lines and rappelling options.

You can rent tents or if you prefer more comfort there are several hotels.



Agua Morada Hotel and Camps is located east of the state of Hidalgo and it offers camping areas with security features and all the items you need to be warm, and comfortable.

The establishment provide you with firewood to make a bonfire, as well as toilets and grills.

If you don't want to camp there are also picturesque log cabins built on trees.


La Gloria

It is an ecological park located in Totolango, two hours from Zimapán, it offers all the facilities for camping. It also has a pool, thermal river and beautiful waterfalls.