Senderismo en Veracruz
Senderismo en Veracruz

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Diving in Cozumel

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The lively state of Veracruz has all to offer to enjoy an adventurous vacation. On the route from Jalcomulco, located about 42 km from Xalapa, to Cotlamanis you can have all kinds of experiences, walking on plateaus or very steep terrain. Beside, you can explore a cemetery with pre-Hispanic pieces in Cotlamanis.

Also in Jalcomulco, you can do the experience the route “Caminata a la Gotera” (Walk to the Gotera). During the tour, you can enjoy the jungle environment of the region until you reach a natural pool, where you can swim.



Ixpila is located in the high mountains of Veracruz, in the vicinity of Huatusco, and is an ideal place for hiking, enjoying nature and the beautiful panoramic views of the 5 de Mayo River.

Las Cañadas Ecological Reserve

It is a unique place for hiking, surrounded by vegetation, where the silence is part of the landscape. Located just 6 km from Huatusco.

In this same area, 30 minutes from Huatusco, there are two places considered natural wonders of Veracruz: El Boquerón and El Sótano, both are ideal for hiking.

Fortín de las Flores

The town of Chocaman is surrounded by streams, rivers and ravines with colorful flowers, it is a very beautiful place for hiking. Located just few kilometers from Fortín de las Flores.


Hiking in Veracruz

La Barranca de Metlac

In the vicinity of Fortín de las Flores, it is an excellent option that combines magical landscapes and important engineering works (four bridges). Remember that professional experienced guides will make sure you have a safe and fun hike.

Another option in the area is “El Chinene” viewpoint, you can enjoy the interpretive trails and observe the flora and fauna of the region.

Amatlán de los Reyes

In this area there are several places that can be explored along the Atoyac River, starting at Nacimiento del Río. You also will find some ecotourism parks offering interesting and beautiful tours to explore these unique landscapes, but also give you the opportunity to interact with nature by planting trees and orchids. Located 15 minutes from Córdoba.


In Los Tuxtlas, you can take an interesting walk from Roca Partida to the Pavo Real waterfall in the middle of a jungle environment where you can observe a great diversity of flora and fauna, especially birds of varied colors such as parrots and toucans.

In this beautiful area of Veracruz you can also tour the incredible Nanciyaga jungle with specialized guides to discover the magic of Los Tuxtlas and the Olmec culture, while enjoying nature and its rich flora and fauna. There are places that offer cabins on the shore of the lake.


Centro Ecoturístico Las Margaritas

The center offers some options to explore the surroundings, including a visit to the Chininal archaeological zone, which has not been fully excavated. Located in the Catemaco Lagoon.


Paseo del Río

The best place to walk in the city of Orizaba is the 3 km long Paseo del Río, where you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with beautiful landscapes.

In the surroundings of Orizaba there are several landscapes and Natural Parks that can be explored such as:

Ecoparque Cerro del Borrego

With interpretive trails and vestiges of a fort with an interesting history, since it is the place where the battle of 1862 against the French army took place.

Ecoparque Cerro de Escamela

The park offers a unique path known as the Deer trail that ascends the majestic Cerro de Escamela.

Rio Blanco Canyon National Park

Here you can explore the green paths, climb 500 steps and enjoy the beautiful Cascada del Elefante. Walk along the trails on the shores of the Ojo de Agua Lagoon. Or if you like adventure and have a good physical condition you can explore the slopes of Pico de Orizaba.


Río Filobobos

Touring the Filobobos River is a unique experience, since you begin by entering the jungle and you can explore its caves, the enigmatic archaeological zones such as Cuajilote and Vega de la Peña, swim in its crystal clear waters and the most adventurous, have the opportunity to practice rappelling, rafting and zip line. By the way, it is the closest jungle place to Mexico City. It is located in Tlapacoyan, just over an hour from Papantla.


Cofre de Perote National Park

It is an excellent option for hiking. Along the way you can find an impressive waterfall of more than 20 m (65 ft) high and streams in the middle of a lush forest of pines and oyameles. Also on clear days, you have a panoramic view of the city of Xalapa.


This magnificent place with its three impressive waterfalls is one of the most beautiful natural settings in Veracruz, so it represents an excellent option for hiking if you are near Xalapa.


In the vicinity of Jalcomulco you can ascend the Acuamali hill which is located only 10 km from the town. Or you can explore many of the ravines and banks of La Antigua river.