Tirolesa en Hidalgo
Tirolesa en Hidalgo

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Diving in Cozumel

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Aguacatitla Canyon

It is located in the surroundings of Huasca de Ocampo and you can find two zip lines. The first one crosses an incredible canyon with a length of 180-meter (590 feet) at a height of 20-meter (65 feet).

The second runs over an artificial lake and is 100-meter (328 feet) long.

In this lake you can enjoy pleasant boat rides and fishing.

Montaña Viviente

It is located in Acaxochitlán two hours from Mexico City. It has an 80-meter (262 feet) long zip line and offers different ways to go through it: in a basket, with a harness, seated and upside down. Besides the speed you can enjoy the beautiful wooded landscape.

Santa Elena Ranch

It is an ecotourism center with a beautiful wooded landscape that you can discover from the heights on its small zip line.


Los Arcos Ecotourism Park

Located in Huichapan, there is a zip line that runs along the Saucillo Aqueduct, whose arches measure 40-meter (131 feet) and are the highest in the world. The cable runs at a height of 34-meter (111 feet) and reaches a speed of 30 km/h.


Zipline in Hidalgo

El Saucillo Biopark

In the Bioparque El Saucillo located in Huichapan there is a zip line where you can enjoy the natural landscape.

EcoAlberto Park

It has an amazing kilometer of zip lines up to 80-meter (262 feet) high.

In addition, it has attractive green areas for camping, kayaking or boat rides, places to rappel, hanging bridges, thermal water pools, and several cabins.


Roca Xtrema Canopy

Located in Mineral del Chico, it offers a circuit of three zip lines at a maximum height of 60-meter (196 feet) with a lengh of 350-meter (1,148 feet) in the middle of the Mineral del Chico Natural Park.

Hidalgo Adventures Park

This park is just 20 minutes from the center of the Magical Town of El Chico and one hour from the city of Pachuca. The park has a canopy circuit with various challenges and skill games in the middle of the forest.

The adventure includes hanging bridges, zip lines and rappelling.


Desarrollo Turístico Río del Milagro

Located just 10 minutes from Mineral del Chico, you can enjoy a unique zip line both inside and outside the mine and also enjoy a zip line in the river cave. In addition, you can take tours in the Guadalupe Mine and night tours in the San Antonio Mine, where you can go through dark passages and learn all the stories and legends of the miners.

El Cedral Dam

At El Cedral Dam, located in the Community of La Estanzuela, there is also a zip line that crosses the magnificent dam. In addition, you can enjoy horseback riding, ATV and boat rides.

Parque Eológico Recreativo Carboneras

It has impressive zip lines 1,400-meter (4,593 feet) long and 100-meter (328 feet) high that will make you enjoy the incredible forests landscapes.

Parque Ecológico Peñas Cargadas

In addition to the beautiful landscapes where you can see these extraordinary rock formations, you can enjoy an extreme zip line with a length of more than 12 kilometers divided into 32 lines that will make you fly over beautiful landscapes.


Grutas de Tolantongo (Grotto)

In addition to the zip line, you can enjoy a wonderful landscape, hot springs, camping areas, places to rappel and several hotels.

Xoxafi Caves

They have two zip-line circuits 300-meter (984 feet) and 350-meter (1,148 feet) long and 50-meter (164 feet) high. In addition, there is a pendulum at the mouth of the cave as well as other activities such as hiking and rappelling.



In Omitlán there is a huge zip line that covers more than 1,500-meter (4,921 feet) in a zigzagging route at a height of 150-meter (492 feet) over a wooded landscape that makes all lovers of strong emotions tremble.


Balneario El Geiser

It is located in Tecozautla, it also has a circuit of zip lines and hanging bridges that cross from mountain to mountain over a ravine.


La Gloria

This ecological park is located near Totolango. It has a zip line that flies over an incredible canyon.