Rappel en Puebla
Rappel en Puebla

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Diving in Cozumel

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El Salto de Quetzalapan

It is one of the biggest waterfalls in the region with an approximate height of between 100 m (328 ft). You will have the option directly in the waterfalls and gasp for air and raise their head, trying tokeep it out of the water flow or to rappel on the side. In addition, when you arrive at the pool you can cool off in this beautiful place in the middle of an impressive landscape.


There are many places for rappeling, including wonderful waterfalls near Cuetzalan such as: El Salto de Cuichat, to get there you have to walk 20 minutes and offers two descents of 12 and 25 m (39 and 82 ft); Las Brisas with an approximate height of 45 m (147 ft); and Las Golondrinas, with a descent of 50 m (164 ft), where half has a wall and the rest is free fall. In all these cases you can swim in the beautiful pools at the end of the descent.

In the Cuetzalan area, you can also rappel in caves such as the Chichicazapan Grotto, which offers a 50 m (164 ft) descent with 30 m (98 ft) of wall and 20 m (65 ft) of free fall that culminates in a grotto with a river.

Another option is the Atepolihui Grotto, which is believed to have been used to perform some rituals hundreds of years ago and which is accessed through a natural window located halfway up the hill, from where you can rappel 10 m (33 ft). Once inside the cave, you can visit several spectacular halls and make another descent of 6 m (20 ft) to be able to contemplate small marine fossils dating back thousands of years.

Also in the Cuetzalan area you can enjoy the thrill of rappelling over the El Salto waterfall, more than 40 m (131 ft) high. Another option is Cascada de las Golondrinas (Swallows Waterfall) where you have a 50 m (154 ft) descent, half of which is on a wall and the other half in free fall, reaching a beautiful pool from where you can swim.

Paraíso de Ayotoxco

It offers a fun rappelling adventure where you descend 50 m (154 ft) into an impressive cave with unique landscapes. In the place you can hire the necessary equipment and the instructors.

Rappel in Puebla


Cascada de Totolapa

Located just 15 minutes from Huachinango where you can practice rappelling in the waterfall and enjoy its exuberant vegetation.


In the vicinity of Pahuatlán, in the Cerro Delgado, the Cerro de los Pericos and the Cerro del Cirio you can also rappel in its large rock formation.


Los Pericos en Valsaquillo

It has a cliff with 70 routes and about 15 fissures, vertical walls and a basalt rock with an extension of 300 m (984 ft). In addition, you can enjoy an incredible view of the lake. It is located just 45 minutes from the city of Puebla.


It is a place with rock formations with walls up to 40 m (141 ft) high, ideal for rappelling. It is located 16 km from the city of Puebla.



Here you can rappel down 75 m (246 ft) next to one of the most impressive waterfalls of the area in the middle of a beautiful landscape. Located 35 minutes from Tetela de Ocampo


Cerro Cabezón

Cerro Cabezón offers the opportunity to rappel on its front wall. Here you can also enjoy other adventures such as mountain biking, climbing and zip lining. Located 7.5 km from Tlatlauquitepec

Cascada de Puxtla (Waterfall)

It is an impressive waterfall that is 70 m (230 ft) high and is a place for those who like emotions and nature. Located only 6 km from Tlatlauquitepec.

Cascada del Túnel Dos

This is another waterfalls in the region located 22 km from Tlatlauquitepec. This 24 m (79 ft) high waterfall offers you a beautiful natural environment.

Presa La Soledad

The dam offers the challenge of a 96 m (314 ft) rappel down a huge cement wall. Located 25 km from Tlatlauquitepec.


Sierra Norte Region

From Zacatlán to Cuetzalan there are a great variety of landscapes and geological formations ideal for rappelling and mountaineering with varying degrees of difficulty.

Among the most beautiful places are the surroundings of Nauzontla, where you can access the course of the Apulco River, surrounded by ravines and canyons. To the north of Nauzontla is another town called Zoquiapan, sorrouded by unique rock formations.