Escalada y Rappel en Jalisco
Escalada y Rappel en Jalisco

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La Hidro

A good option is La Hidro, a small area near the town of Mesa Colorada. It is so called because it is located near a dam that functions as a regulating vessel for Guadalajara's wastewater, and is part of the Oblatos ravine system that flanks the eastern periphery of the city.

In La Hidro there are about thirty routes to ascend. Climbing in La Hidro is a lot of fun, because the routes are close to each other and you can move quickly from one place to another, and make the most of the day. It is also an impressive scenic site, because even if you do not climb more than 25-meter (82 feet), you will have the sensation of a great unevenness under your feet because the walls point towards the ravine.

The level required to climb La Hidro may be a bit demanding. La Hidro routes are sport climbing and some offer a high degree of difficulty.

It is located half an hour from Guadalajara.

Cañón de Huaxtla

This canyon is also part of the Oblatos Canyon. Inside this canyon is the place known by climbers as El Cuajo, in the town of San Lorenzo, and they call it that way because in the distance it looks like a gigantic machete cut.

The Cuajo is formed by basalt rock walls about 80-meter (262 feet) high, and is surrounded by tropical vegetation. It is very accessible and about 25 routes of all levels have been equipped.

Rock Climbing in Jalisco

Near Cuajo is the fabulous area of El Escalón, which has innumerable basaltic prisms with magnificent fissures for traditional climbing. Below runs a stream that has water all year round and that in various parts takes the form of waterfalls. The highest height of the canyon is 65-meter (213 feet).

In general, the Oblatos ravine is immense and hides such a number of walls at each turn or ravine, all suitable for rock climbing.

It is located 50 minutes from Zapopan.


It has become an alternative sports area in the state. The rock is sandstone with routes of great beauty. It is located 40 minutes from Guadalajara.

San Miguel Tateposco

An option to learn to climb near Guadalajara is San Miguel Tateposco, which offers an intermediate level of climbing and has several routes. Upon arrival you have to take a walk until you find the large rocks where you can climb. It is located 40 minutes from Guadalajara.

Barranca de Huentitlán

It is located 20 minutes from Guadalajara and undoubtedly the best climbing area along the area.

Its walls are formed by volcanic rhyolite and are therefore very solid. It has 160 routes.

El Diente

The area known as El Diente is located near the town of Río Blanco, half an hour from Zapopan.

This place is the meeting point for climbers and is considered the best place to climb in the area.

El Diente gets its name from an incredible tooth-shaped rock formation.

This is a good place for learn how to climb and develop the skills and techniques of the sport.

Many granite blocks of multiple shapes and the size of a house or a five-story building are found on the site, resulting in a wide variety of routes (more than 150). The quality of its orange granite is excellent.

The routes are generally very technical and patchy with crimps and the occasional crack.

The good thing about the site is that there are levels for everyone who wants to practice this sport.



It has become an ideal area for those who like bouldering. It is located almost an hour from Mascota.


In the Chapala area you can visit Las Tinajas, located half an hour from Ajijic, which offers sport climbing with five routes in volcanic rock.


In Tapalpa, inside the EkoPark, you can climb two of the tallest trees in the forested area. The challenge is to climb until you reach a bell in the highest part.